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Rewaken the Secrets of Life!

This essence “reminds” your cells of your original state of good health, bringing you into harmony with yourself and with others

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Stargate No. 6 – Vibrational essence for full-spectrum mental rebalancing – “reminds” your cells of the original state of good health. 

The energy of love fills my life. Stargate is created in honor of the number six, the perfectly functioning hexagon, which represents harmony, balance, synthesis and unconditional love.

The hexagon is symbolic of the heart chakra, the meeting of the three upper (spiritual) chakras with the three lower (physical) chakras in the heart (emotional) center confirming our three-dimensional existence. These intertwined triangles of the hexagon symbolize the opposing forces in nature: the centrifugal and centripetal, and when combined these opposing forces create the Toroidal Tube believed to be responsible for the creation of the universe.

Hidden in the hexagonal star is the symbol of the Merkaba and the Metatron Cube which ultimately represent magic, alchemy and containment and is used as a vehicle for interdimensional travel. The Merkaba is at the center of every cell, is the center of our heart and is our body envelope of light.

It is said to be the fabric of the universe and contains the Akashic Records from which all life flows. Stargate is designed to remind cells of their original healthy design and to free themselves from any mutant programming that was once responsible for disease and illness. This essence is infused with the G # note to awaken your spiritual consciousness and support you on your life’s journey. It offers you the confidence to seize the opportunity to follow your heart’s desire. It will take you far!!!

Use Stargate Essence whenever you want:

  • Feel guided and protected every day
  • – Understand what your inner gifts are
  • – Want to know your life’s purpose
  • – You want to live your life peacefully day by day 
  • – You want to increase your sense of gratitude for the opportunities life gives you
  • – You want to dream again
  • – You want to have time to appreciate the wonder of music, the magic of colors, and the beauty of the world around you

Essences with Colors and Sounds is one of the most extraordinary systems available today that offers wellness vibrations in five dimensions of the body

Essences are a tool for personal growth 

Essences with Colors and Sounds rebalance the psyche, body and spirit. They are valuable and powerful healing tools that can have extraordinary effects on a physical, mental and emotional level. They help us grow and develop awareness, thus a clearer and more sincere view of ourselves, a prerequisite for authentic and lasting healing from any kind of ailment.

Why do they work ?

We are physical, emotional and spiritual beings; these three intertwine and represent our overall state of well-being. When at any time one of these bodies is out of balance, it creates the emotional discomfort that alters the state of health. Each dimension has its role in stabilizing our health and requires specific support.

Our physical bodies can be supported with air, water, foods and herbs. Emotional and spiritual bodies need support from other elements of the universe, which include sounds, light, colors, crystals, gems and flowers. Other aspects of supporting our whole bodies come from positive words and loving touch. There are many different ways in which we receive healing vibrations from the universe. It is important to be open to the experience.

What is the working principle of Essences with Colors and Sounds based on?

Health can be defined as the sound of the body, mind and spirit. This means that the body, mind and spirit resonate harmoniously to their highest potential.

By being healthy we maintain a resonant frequency. When we are sick or affected by imbalance we are out of tune with this resonance frequency so the healing process is simply restoring this optimal resonance for body, mind and spirit.

This is the basic principle of sound healing and vibrational medicine is that each organ, bone, cell or system has a specific frequency and the concept of disease suggests that a counter frequency has encoded itself on the healthy frequency causing a part of the body to vibrate out of the tune. Using the sound of vibration, it is possible to shift the frequency of the unbalanced part, allowing it to entrain to its normal frequency, resonating at its maximum potential, seeking the optimal state of health.

There are two ways in which vibrational remedies such as essences support our health. The first is that they can provide the sine wave or frequency that is missing. Second, they introduce a pattern of harmony where there is discord. Everything in the universe vibrates and has a sine wave. Vibrational remedies that support the vibration of the body include thought, light, color and sound. Other vibrational remedies come from plants and minerals.

Healing frequencies from the plant kingdom include homeopathy, flowers, essences, aromatherapy, herbs and food. Healing frequencies from the mineral realm are crystals, gems, minerals, metals and essences made from these vibrations. If our energy is blocked in some way and we do not have the full frequency spectrum in our energy field, offering the body various vibrations allows the body to pick up the vibration it needs to support the overall resonance to the body. The body’s innate intelligence knows what it needs and integrates the missing frequency into the energy field.

This is the beauty of using vibrational remedies; for the body chooses only what it needs.

How to use essences

Each essence has a specific function; you can choose by following your intuition or get advice from one of our experts. Essences with sounds represent the “nourishment” of our energy field and can be used up to 1/2 times a day, giving strength and energy to the body. They should be vaporized 10/15 cm from the head, imagine a cascade of light with 3/4 sprays.

You can find more information about the product by clicking on the tab beside Technical Product Information.

Instructions for use

Type: Natural Aura Harmonizers in whole vibrational spectrum measured by quantum physics Fragrance: Light and delicate fragrance

Available spray package: 60 ml

Instructions: Mist around yourself from 1 to 4 times a day for the benefits accruing to the body. The benefits of the essences are immediate, however you need a period of 4-6 weeks of using the product to consolidate the cellular memories.

More information:

Stargate was created in honor of the number 6, which is the harmony, balance, synthesis, and unconditional love. The Metatron’s cube is hidden in the 6 pointed hexagonal star that is, briefly, magic, alchemy and containment.
Inside the 6 pointed star there are some of the secrets of life, “the Seed of Life”, the Merkaba, Metatron and the toroidal tube.
This remedy is designed to remind the cells their original blueprint of good health and freeing them from mutants schedules responsible for sickness and disease.
This remedy is infused with the note G # to the spiritual awakening of consciousness. It instills confidence to believe in the possibility of going over the desires of the heart, Stargate is the gateway to the stars!

The Hexagon is the natural way to use the space excellently. Life itself is based on this primary form, without which it could never develop in an harmonious way. The triangles’ plot symbolizes the union of the two principles of life, heaven and earth, the union of the above and below, and the opposing forces of nature: the centrifugal and centripetal. The combination of these opposing forces creates the toroidal tube. Some people believe the toroidal tube is responsible for the creation of the universe.

The three-dimensional features of the hexagon is the Merkaba. The Merkaba is the root of the geometric shape of Metatron’s cube in which are enclosed the 13 secrets of life on this planet.
It is said it represents the structure of the universe and it’s visible at all cellular levels. It contains the Akashic Record and the information of the Platonic solids from which life arises. Merkaba sacred geometry is used as a vehicle for interdimensional travel and it represents time and space. The Merkaba is at the center of each cell, it’s the center of our hearts and our full of light body is held in the center of the merkaba. You could say that the Merkaba is the shell of our body of light.


The note G #
The vibrational G # has a huge impact on the conscious logical brain, especially during stressful periods. The function of G # note is to awaken spiritual consciousness. The G # note incurred in your own way of life. It provides confidence to start a change to meet the desires of your heart.

The Crystals – Dominus Cervix
Crystal balls Domincus Cervix were loaded with some of the highest and pure forms of energy available on the planet right now. The crystal ball gives to our subtle bodies a powerful regenerating light field, in order to support all of our cellular structure, the meridian lines, chakra centers and it helps integrate both hemispheres of the brain. We are beings of light, and to support our body with a healing light we have to remember the purity of the original magnificence.

Kunzite is synonymous of healing stone. It ‘a stone which awakens the heart center producing loving thoughts and a harmonious communication. Crystal Kunzite is a high vibration stone that helps the energy of love to fill your life. It opens the emotional heart and the spiritual heart and connects to universal love. It encourages the expression of ourselves, allowing free expression. It removes the obstacles of life and it helps to sustain the pressures of life. Crystal Kunzite promotes tolerance on ourselves and other people by creating relationships of love, filling life with love at all levels.

Shungite is called the “Stone of Life” due to its healing, rejuvenation and anti-oxidants properties. The embodied energy in this ancient stone is said to absorb and remove anything that is dangerous to health and human life, as the electromagnetic radiation from computers, microwave ovens, televisions, mobile phones, etc. This mineral has active metaphysical properties, with strong healing powers incomparable to any other mineral. The Sungite purifies, protects, normalizes, induces recovery and promotes growth in the human body. But the most important thing for people, who were living under constant stress, pressures, strain and adverse ecological conditions, is the regenerative characteristics of Shungite, which has the power to restore the vitality of the human being.

The Lotus Flower
The Lotus Flower essential oil is the aroma of perfection symbolizing protection, healing and spirituality. The ancient Egyptians believed that the lotus flower possessed restorative properties. The path of a person’s life is said to be similar to that of the lotus flower. The seed that emerges from the mud is the passage to the path of spirituality, abandoning attachments. The phase of flowering, is the opening of the heart, awakening and enlightenment.


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