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Metal Element – It helps you live in the Present


Free yourself from the past and let new ideas allow you to grow personally!

Essence with Meridian Sounds Metal helps balance the Lung and Large Intestine meridians, supporting your mind in developing new ideas

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Guilt / Pain / Regret

Focus on yourself and answer these questions. Find out if your meridian is in balance:

Are you living right now?

• Can you let go of the past?

• Can you easily let go?

• Do you prefer to have messy things?

• Are you receptive to new ideas?

• Are you okay not to be right?

• Do you consider yourself spontaneous?

If you have answered no to some of these questions, you need to act to balance your meridian!

Essence with Meridian Sounds Metal physically supports breathing problems, nose, dry skin, hair and the expulsion of waste.

Lung Meridian

It is a communication meridian, because with it we exchange oxygen and carbon dioxide with the environment. If it is unbalanced, your shoulders can rotate forward and you can assume a kyphotic attitude, feeling a sense of melancholy and difficulty in communicating with others.

Meridian of the Large intestine

It is a meridian of communication between inside and outside: the nutrients become part of us and what is not needed is discarded. If there is an imbalance in this meridian, some emotions may not flow and remain inside. On a psychosomatic level, this inability to let go occurs with constipation.

Essence with Meridian Sounds Metal helps balance the two meridians by supporting your mind in developing ideas related to science, technology, art, writing or speech.

The balance of the two meridians will allow you to free yourself from the past, inspiring you for new ideas and beliefs that will allow you to grow personally, contributing to the evolution of society.

What are Essences with Revitalizing Sounds for Meridians

The use of the Revitalizing Essences of the Meridians generates magical effects when used on the dualistic nature of the meridians. The Essences with Meridian Sounds support the physical aspect of the meridian through the vibration of the subtle energies of the herbs and support the etheric aspect with the vibration of the sound.



Instructions for use

Type: alchemy spray essences

Size: 60 ml

Fragrance: delicate light scent

Instructions: use the Meridian Vitalizer Essence simply vaporizing it around yourself once or twice a day so that the benefits fall to the body. To be used at least 21 days.


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