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Colour energy cosmetics

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Dalet Illuminating essence
A cloud of essences that brightens the skin cuddling the Heart and the Soul Dalet gives radiant luminosity to the…
Cosmesi vibrazionale Beth 33
Give yourself a timeless face! Beth 33 Informed Crystal antiaging face cream for a rebalancing, nourishing, rejuvenating and lifting treatment…
Colour energy cosmetics, Antiaging synergistic elixir
For a timeless skin, with a fabulous lifting effect! Antiaging synergistic elixir nourishes and rejuvenates your skin, thanks to its…
Face Cream KA 11

Face Cream KA 11

Ka 11 face cream

Face Cream KA 11

Regenerate your skin and make your days radiant! The Ka 11 face cream with vibrational crystal hydrates, regenerates and brightens…
Wa 10 Micellar Water
Tone your skin, give tone to your life! Informed micellar water, make-up remover and sebum-balancing: it cleans, refreshes and tones…
Colour energy cosmetics, Synergic elixir Regenerating face
Long live to your skin! This Elixir regenerates the cells and tissues of your skin, bringing it back to its…
Colour energy cosmetics, Synergistic Elixir Face Lifting
Purify your face for an age-proof face! Excellent blend of essential oils to tone and give your face a fabulous…

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