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Antiaging synergistic elixir


For a timeless skin, with a fabulous lifting effect!

Antiaging synergistic elixir nourishes and rejuvenates your skin, thanks to its fantastic anti-aging properties

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Antiaging synergistic elixir – 15 ml with dropper

Amazing blend of essential oils for nourishing and rejuvenating the skin thanks to its anti-aging properties. This rich mixture is excellent for cell and tissue regeneration. It quickly eliminates skin blemishes caused by broken capillaries, rosacea, couperose, spots, acne, wrinkles, eczema, burns and other skin blemishes, nourishing and moisturizing it thoroughly.

Composition: Rose Wood, Damask Rose, Carrot Oil

Rose wood: powerful regenerator of skin tissues, with intense soothing, astringent and firming action. It smoothes the skin and delays the appearance of wrinkles.

Rosa Damascena: Thanks to its moisturizing properties, it gives elasticity and tone to all skin types.

Carrot Oil: It nourishes the skin and counteracts its dryness.

Your skin will be timeless, with a fabulous lifting effect!

Tips for use:

Use it as a day or night face cream.

It is advisable to use it in synergy with the KA11 or BETH 33 face cream for a complete treatment, giving you visible results after the first 10 days.

Mix 3/4 drops of Elisir together with the cream on the palm of the hand and spread it on the face. Pay attention to the eyes, the product can be irritating if placed too close to the eyes. In case of burning, rinse with plenty of water.

On oily skin the frequency of use of the product is lower than in dry or mixed skin.

For broken capillaries and couperose use the product for at least 4 weeks, it can also be placed on the legs to reduce the evidence of broken capillaries.

Apply the product locally in case of scars, eczema and stretch marks.

Synergistic elixirs of essential oils for the face – Physical, energetic and emotional benefits

They are mixtures of essential oils, true accelerators of the formulating treatment to support and nourish the superficial and deep layer of the derma, with regenerating effects of the tissues. They provide a solution to deep and recurrent dermal problems, with regenerating effects on tissues.

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