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Dalet – Hydrating, anti-aging and regenerating essence


A cloud of essences that brightens the skin cuddling the Heart and the Soul

Dalet gives radiant luminosity to the face, giving you a sense of calm and inner serenity

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Dalet  Illuminating Essence Spray for the Face – 60 ml

The revolution in beauty treatments with new epigenetic crystal products informed at full vibrational spectrum with Flowers, Sounds, Colors, Crystals, Aromas, Gems and Symbols

Thanks to an innovative technology with an entire vibrational spectrum, the Dalet vibrational essence gives radiant luminosity to the face, giving you a sense of calm and inner serenity.

The Dalet essence is a new generation product with multiple functions:

• Face moisturizing effect

• Anti-aging, regenerating and lifting effect

• Rebalancing effect for the body’s electrical system

• Rebalancing effect for the meridian and chakra energy systems

• Helps to release emotions of deep anger and aggression, restoring radiance and beauty to the skin

• Helps to a gentle and gentle connection with oneself, opening a space for the expression of the soul

Which are the ingredients?

Pure spring water

Sound: F # Agreement

Flower essences: Soul Ray 5, Maybelle Stearn Rose, Nootka Rose, Moon Snai

Essential Oils: Mandarin, Orange, Bergamot, Lemon, Rose Wood, Palmarosa Crystals: Aventurine, Rose Quartz

What are the effects?

The Dalet essence has a powerful effect on the derma: the combination of the essential oils chosen in this formula are all activators of the cellular rejuvenation and anti-wrinkle processes, as well as having a lifting and regenerating effect on the derma layers.

This remedy simultaneously balances all the meridians and chakras, because it is centered on the note F (Fa) of the heart chakra.

The repair and stabilization of the energetic system combined with the precious ones nourishing ingredients for the skin, make this product unique in its kind with extraordinary effects, 10 times more effective than traditional beauty products.

Tips for use

Spray on the face after applying Beth 33 anti-age face cream or KA 11 moisturizing / regenerating cream, in the evening and in the morning. The combined daily use of illuminating spray and cream make the skin radiant and radiant, amplifying the properties of individual products.

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