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Colour and sound essences

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Vibrational immune protection remedy for the global community It keeps the energetic vibration of the body high and compact, in…
Protect your true Self, give yourself courage and energy to face the challenges of life! Michele helps you stay focused…
Aura Cleanser

Aura Cleanser

Aura Cleanser- Alchemy Essence - 6th dimension vibrational remedy
Bring your body back to the global wellness frequency! The Essence of the Archangel Raphael re-adjusts the frequencies of your…
The Heart is abundance open to a wealth of possibilities! The essence symbolizes the kaleidoscope of the gifts of life…
Bring your Soul to the Flower of his Life! Flower of life will make your roots stronger allowing you to…
Take a step towards truth and wisdom and listen to the revelations of your Soul The Archangel Metatron helps leaders…
Discover the joy of living to the fullest! Aura Gioia cleans and protects your auric field, supporting you emotionally and…
Spread your Creative Power, free your creativity! The Jophiel Essence will guide you in the discovery of the LIGHT that…
Apri il Cuore – Open your Heart

Apri il Cuore – Open your Heart

Activate the energy of the Heart and the Power of Love, the strongest Power in the Universe! Eliminate the blocks…
Colour-Sound spray essence for Aura. Bring Abundance in all aspects of life
Stargate N.6

Stargate N.6

Rewaken the Secrets of Life! 
 This essence "reminds" your cells of your original state of good health, bringing you…

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