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Flower of Life – Fiore della Vita


Bring your Soul to the Flower of his Life!

Flower of life will make your roots stronger allowing you to reach a higher universal dimension

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Flower of Life  – Vibrational essence for full spectrum aura

The Flower of Life Essence was created to connect you with the earth and the Universe. This essence will make your roots stronger allowing you to reach a higher universal dimension.

Flower of Life is made with sounds, crystals, shells and flowers infused in this sublime essence that sustains the matrix of your DNA in the body and the human energy lines incorporated in the fifth etheric model in the auric field.

Flower of Life activates your soul to bring it where you did not think it could arrive!

Essences with Aura Sounds

They are natural harmonizers of the whole Aura spectrum, made with sounds, crystals, colors, flower essences, gems and symbols. You can choose the one you prefer from the 11 available: Aura Joy, Spiral Energy, Love and Light, Flower of Life, Stargate, Secrets of the Universe, Infinity, Positive Thinking and Love Desire.

Each essence has a very specific function: you can choose by following your intuition or get advice from one of our experts. The Essences with sounds involved the “nourishment” of our energy field and can be used up to 3/4 times a day, giving power and energy to the body.

Instructions for use

Type: Natural Aura Harmonizers in whole vibrational spectrum measured by quantum physics Fragrance: Light and delicate fragrance

Available spray package: 60 ml

Instructions: Mist around yourself from 1 to 4 times a day for the benefits accruing to the body. The benefits of the essences are immediate, however you need a period of 4-6 weeks of using the product to consolidate the cellular memories.

Fiore della Vita- Reconnection and Regeneration

Fiore della Vita essence is a perfect remedy for those who aspire to reconnect to the planetary grid for the purpose and divine revelation. The grids of consciousness retain the cosmic interconnection memory, stimulating self-realization of those who submit to them. The sacred geometry of sound, crystals, shells, stones and flowers infused in this remedy supports the matrix of DNA (the crystalline grid) in the body, the human garland placed in the etheric fifth model of the auric field, in the state of the earth and planetary grid to activate the Song of the Soul. The Song of the Soul fixes and integrates individual vibrations to fully explain the exceptional transformation of human consciousness. The matrix DNA (or crystalline grid) changes in a subtle way from individual to individual, and doing so it keeps the internal vibrational spectrum that is necessary for a true global change. The energies harmonize for larger groups of people who have accomplished individually change and global change will occur in waves increasing. Fiore della Vita is an essence of alchemy that draws the number five, the symbol of the human microcosm. The human being, in fact, form a pentagon when the arms and legs are extended outward. We are reminders of the number five in the five senses, the five elements, the five Platonic solids, the five petals of the flowers, the five-pointed leaves and in the five-pointed starfish. The pentacle is the individuality and spiritual aspiration.

The pentad represents a new level of cosmic design: the introduction of life itself.

This principle of continuous growth from within is the essence of the principle of regeneration pentad and pulsating rhythms of growth and dissolution of nature. It appears in plants, in music, in the shells, in the spiral form of galaxies, in the human body and in all that is associated with the presence of five in nature. At first glance the spiral doesn’t appears as a pentagon, but wherever you see a star you will find a spiral coiled inside. The role of the spirals in nature is the transformation. Then the planetary grid is an authentic geometric and energetic expression of the creation principles that can serve as a bridge between the physical manifestations and energy of our planet.

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