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Vibrational immune protection remedy for the global community.

Keeps the body’s energetic vibration high and compact, tuning with the protective energy shield.


    • Protects and Purifies body, mind and spirit
    • Protects and compacts the body’s protective energy shield
    • Allows the mind to return to a proactive state
    • Eliminates inner tensions
    • In times of difficulty prayers and blessings are indispensable
    • If the energy level and vital state are high, the immune system is much stronger

All the elements that make up this essence, including prayers of protection, are elements of blessing and purification.

To be vaporized on the person, in the rooms and it is also possible to pour a small cap of it into the water of ultrasonic room diffusers.


Vibrational immune protection remedy for the global community

The essence envelops you with its golden energy of protection, taking away the anxieties and worries. You no longer feel so afraid of everything, you feel a sense of control over your emotions. After the 1st spray the world will seem calm and calm to you, the testimonies of the people who are using it claim to feel free from the burdens, more deeply rooted in their thoughts. The Protection Essence works for the multidimensional balance of body, mind, spirit and emotions.

Contains Selenite, 18 sacred symbols, 12 notes, 12 colors, 17 gems and 3 symbols of love, life force and longevity, the 5 forms of Platonic solids that symbolize the entire structure of the universe.

Also included were 3 symbols of self-love, life energy and longevity, the five Platonic forms that symbolize the entire structure of the universe along with a little rose quartz for the transmission of the crystalline vibration of love, for healing and a little incense for spiritual awakening, so that everyone will feel supported in the journey of the soul.

On the physical plane you will feel an improvement in global energy flows, on the mental plane you will feel a new structure of conscious thought and on the subtle plane you will connect with the protective forces of nature, the angelic forces that are around us and the divine force of prayer. The essence of protection cannot be missing in your home, it is a benefit for all young and old. It is very simple to use, it vaporizes 3/4 sprays above the head, as if you were under a cascade of light and imagines a spiral of golden light that wraps you like a wonderful cocoon of protection.

For those of you who love to play with remedies, using Protection, you can combine the essence of the Archangel Raphael for healing and the Essence of the Indigo Heart Awakens Love.

Essences with Colors and Sounds is one of the most extraordinary systems available today that offers wellness vibrations in five dimensions of the body

There are two ways in which vibrational remedies such as essences support our health. The first is that they can provide the sine wave or frequency that is missing. Second, they introduce a pattern of harmony where there is discord. Everything in the universe vibrates and has a sine wave. Vibrational remedies that support the vibration of the body include thought, light, color and sound. Other vibrational remedies come from plants and minerals.

They are natural full-spectrum mental level vibrational harmonizers made from sounds, crystals, colors, flower essences, gems and symbols. You can choose your favorite from the 11 available: Aura Joy, Spiral Energy, Love and Light, Flower of Life, Stargate, Secrets of the Universe, Infinity, Abundance, Think Positive and Protection.

Each essence has a specific function; you can choose by following your intuition or get advice from one of our experts. Essences with sounds represent the “nourishment” of our energy field and can be used up to 3/4 times a day, giving strength and energy to the body.


Here are what some customers say:

1. Once I used the spray I began to visualize so many colors, lavender, silver, tangerine and as I listened to the music, the sounds went much deeper into me than I had imagined.  (Megan – Yoga and Qi Gong Teacher)

2. I used it with my clients, and immediately I saw on their faces, a great feeling of relief as the weight on their shoulders lifted. They reported feeling free of burdens, more grounded and clarity in their thoughts. (Energy Healer Therapist)

3. After the first spray, the world seemed quiet and calm. The anguish was gone. A friend reported that the dominant color of my aura had turned aqua (representing balance). 

4. I no longer feel so afraid of everything; I feel more in control of my emotions. After using the spray, my body stopped shaking from this inner fear I felt as my world was changing drastically. (83-year-old grandmother)

5. I found myself crying like a fountain, feeling the pain of the people around me and the pain of the people who left without even a proper burial. I started using the essence, hoping it would help ease this anguish. I use it several times a day and already from the first day that constant sense of mourning has eased and I have felt wrapped in a loving and protective energy field. It is a blessing this essence, in every sense. (Monica)

Instructions for use

Type: Natural Aura Harmonizers in whole vibrational spectrum measured by quantum physics

Fragrance: Light and delicate fragrance

Available spray package:  60 ml


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