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Sogno d’Amore – Attract your soul mate


Essence of the Heart – Dream of Love – Attract your soul mate

Dream of love leads you to believe again in the power of Love, giving you the chance to make your dreams come true


Essence of the Heart – Dream of Love – Attract your soul mate

“We can all feel an attraction, it is quite natural; but very few people have the heart enough to be truly in love without encouragement. “

Out there, among 8 billion people there is your soul mate. He’s looking for you exactly like you do. She will not recognize you by your face, but will simply be attracted to the frequency of your heart, able to emit a sublime sound .. send the disappointments away from your heart, get ready, use Dream of Love.

When we love, we don’t need to understand what happens outside, because everything begins to happen inside us.

It is only when you change the frequency of your Heart, that surprises come true, what you dream of comes, but you did not dare to believe it would ever happen.

How many times, after a disappointment, we would like not to fall again. We “decide” so that we no longer believe in friendship, in love and in a lot of unobtained things in life, which have made us suffer, but which continue to fuel our desires. Yes, we can, close and protect ourselves, for the fear of suffering again, but this is a condition that does not belong to us. Who loves, loves everything and does it with the bottom of his heart. Whoever loves, feels everything that surrounds him with his heart. Those who love find this life to be as difficult as it is beautiful.

A soul mate is someone who has locks where your keys enter and keys that open your locks. When we feel secure enough to open the locks, our truest and most true selves come out and we can be completely and sincerely who we are.
(Richard Bach)

The essence Sogno d’amore is a listening remedy.

It helps the soul become more aware of subtle influences and guidance from higher realms. It opens and sensitizes us to dreaming, prayer and meditation.

The essence helps rouse the inner fire of the heart, insisting we take hold of our responsabilities and step into our life path. It helps us experience joy and lightness and stimulates the love forces of the heart, helping the soul find optimism and enthusiasm in all aspects of life.

It is through the heart that one’s essence radiates out. Sogno d’amore helps us feel centred within, while generating expanded consciousness so we are centred in the universe as well. Feeling centred helps with feeling confident and in control, allowing the true self to shine through.

Sogno d’amore deepens our ability to care and give ourselves to life, to others and the earth, characterizing a truly loving soul.

Why does Dream of Love work?

The Dream of Love essence was created by channeling higher-level knowledge: activating a channel that radiates light directly into your heart as often as you want, in just a few seconds. The essence opens the bridge of connection between the Heart and the Purple Emotional Intelligence governed by the Yin / Yang meridian, the Crown Chakra and the Causal Body, allowing you to make a jump on the frequency of the note semitone E ♭.

This semitone regulates your connection between inner and outer perception about the way you perceive and manifest your self-esteem and your personal vision. Brings balance to your relationship with yourself and others. You will become aware of being an integral part of your life, of your family and friends’ life, because you will understand that your contribution is important and essential.

How does it work on a physical level?

On a physical level the essence opens the bridge of connection between the Heart and the Purple Emotional Intelligence governed by the Yin / Yang meridian, the Crown Chakra and the Causal Body, connecting them.

Which are the ingredients?

The product has been structured by combining the frequencies coming from the diapason and crystal bubbles with the profound knowledge of homeopathy, color, crystals and gems, sacred geometry, flower essences and aromatherapy; all to create a perfect blend for each of the 5 energy levels. Stones: Clear Quartz, Orange Calcite, Platinum, Rose Quartz Essences: Borage, California Wild Rose, Cherry Plum, Star Tulip, Unicenter Fairy Essence Essential oils: Basil, Spruce, Incense, Ylang ylang

How to use it
60 ml spray format with delicate fragrance:
Spray the essence with 4/5 sprays, 10 cm above the head, 2 times a day for 4 weeks. Keep away from heat sources and electronic devices (TV, cell, PC).
For external use only. Not suitable for children under the age of 5 years.

The Essences of the Heart

Begin NOW your journey of Healing the Heart, starting from the essence that you think is best suited to you, but don’t forget to progressively use them all, because love is made up of 7 distinct colors, but all together they CREATE LIGHT.

The essences are fast and effective in achieving desired results. Many emotional discomforts are due to an imbalance in the energy system. The essences are a valid aid to get out of thought forms that prevent you from living well.

Vibrational remedies take you into the flow of where you want to go because sound vibration can instantly shift your frequency.

Have you ever noticed that when you FEEL GOOD … GOOD things happen to you? What seemed impossible yesterday, today is possible. AWAKE your creative power and fill your future with Color.

The essences are in line with Bruce Lipton’s findings, according to which it is possible to achieve balanced health by improving the environment’s frequency range.

The Essences of the Heart have won the international award for best Visionary Product!

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