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Pure Love


Live and know the frequency of pure Love, take it inside you

It frees the energy of the Heart to live the purest feelings

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Pure Love – Agreement F #: why should you choose it?

Wouldn’t you like to experience pure feelings every day? Wouldn’t you like to be in the right place at the right time?

The Passion Essence frees the energy of the Heart to live the purest feelings. It frees your soul with a strong spiritual energy. Love for others will depend on your ability to honor yourself and nurture yourself. Only from a deep center of love for the Self you can be projected towards others. Love is not just a word. Love is facts, actions and thoughts.

Why does it work?

With the F # agreement your will converges with the will of the universe. People with a well-balanced F # agreement are in the right place at the right time. Destiny will no longer be a mysterious entity to predict, things will happen without concentration and you will be able to savor every moment of your life.

How does it work on a physical level?

The essence opens the connection bridge between: the 1st chakra, the 4th upper chakra, Red Emotional Intelligence and the Etheric Body. You like to recognize and experience authentic love.

Which are the ingredients?

The product was structured by combining the frequencies from the diapason and crystal bubbles with the profound knowledge of homeopathy, color, crystals and gems, sacred geometry, flower essences and aromatherapy. All of this to create a perfect blend for each of the 5 energy levels.

Crystals: transparent quartz, garnet, rose quartz Essences: Bleeding heart, Mariposa lily, poisonous oak, sacred site, fairy essence Essential oils: geranium, lotus flower, rose, rosemary, rosewood, spikenard, ylang ylang

How to use it
60 ml spray format with delicate fragrance:
Spray the essence with 4/5 sprays, 10 cm above the head, 2 times a day for 4 weeks. Keep away from heat sources and electronic devices (TV, cell, PC).
For external use only. Not suitable for children under the age of 5 years.

The Essences of the Heart

Begin NOW your journey of Healing the Heart, starting from the essence that you think is best suited to you, but don’t forget to progressively use them all, because love is made up of 7 distinct colors, but all together they CREATE LIGHT.

The essences are fast and effective in achieving desired results. Many emotional discomforts are due to an imbalance in the energy system. The essences are a valid aid to get out of thought forms that prevent you from living well.

Vibrational remedies take you into the flow of where you want to go because sound vibration can instantly shift your frequency.

Have you ever noticed that when you FEEL GOOD … GOOD things happen to you? What seemed impossible yesterday, today is possible. AWAKE your creative power and fill your future with Color.

The essences are in line with Bruce Lipton’s findings, according to which it is possible to achieve balanced health by improving the environment’s frequency range.

The Essences of the Heart have won the international award for best Visionary Product!


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