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Brow Chakra Tone and Semitone



6th Chakra tone and semitone colour-sound spray essence

Brow Chakra Note A – location is at the forehead

Chakra essences are subtle energy remedies that work , created from beneficial sound vibrations created from the
healing vibration sound of the crystal bowls.
The Chakra essences hold the imprint of the vibration of each note and the semitone of harmonic scale. As the vibration of colours and sounds co-exist , it has been noted that once the vibration of sound has charged the essence, so too has the vibration of colour inherently charged the essence.

 The characteristic of a balanced brow chakra is the use of mental power, connecting with the process of
manifestation. The brow chakra enables us to connect with the energy of the world beyond our five senses and teaches us to go beyond the superficial appearances and find our deeper truths and then cultivate our resources of creativity and wisdom. Through the sixth chakra we are able to open ourselves to universal creative energy, which allows us to direct ourselves towards fulfilling our life’s purpose.

Brow Chakra note B♭ – transitional point where the top of the head meets the etheric

This vibration bridges the characteristics and attributes of the brow chakra “ note A” which relates to inner direction and
“note B” which relates to spiritual connection. The importance of this semitone is to prepare us for the next transition and that is into the spiritual realm, which signifies the completion of the cycle of life.Bb is the transition between the attachment to the physical identity and to the identification of the self as a divine spark. This transition point cannot be activated until the other vibrational frequencies are aligned. If you use the vibrational essence of Bb without having put the other pieces together, there will be no effect.

Instructions for use

Type: alchemy spray essences

Fragrance: delicate light scent

Packaging: Available 60 ml spray.

The stock elixir hold the imprint of sound, colour , crystals, gems , of sacred geometry , the ancient symbols and vibrations of positive words . The addition of aromas complete the formulation of the Essences with Sounds for the chakras. The notes C , D, E , F, G , A and B at resonate with the seven main chakras. The five semitones C#, E♭, F#, G# e B♭ act as a bridge between the seven chakras in the back of the body , supporting the transition points between the vertebrae of the spine.

Instruction for use:

Simply mist your aura with the spray 2 times a day for 21 days locally. Also can be used to change the energy in a room and to program gemstones.

The product can be used by therapists and masseurs with other technical specifications.


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