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Free yourself from the thoughts that hinder your growth and your transformation!

The Fire Minister Essence balances the Triple Heaters and Circulation / Sex Meridians, improving the coordination of your life and helping you to adapt yourself to the changes you face day by day

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Fire Minister Element 


Focus on yourself and answer these questions. Find out if your meridian is in balance:

Do you have balance in your life?

• Do you feel encouraged?

• Are you generally happy and satisfied?

• Do you feel entitled to do whatever you want to do?

• Can you let go of a grudge?

• Do you feel that your hormones are balanced?

• Do you live in the here and now?

If you have answered no to some of these questions, you need to act to balance your meridian!

Fire Minister physically supports the hormonal function, breathing, circulation, digestion and absorption, expulsion and reproduction.

Triple Heater

The Meridian of the Triple Heater, if it is balanced, coordinates all the hormones that are in your body. In the absence of an adequate coordination, your hormones send messages or signals that are not coordinated to the various organs of your body with a deficiency into the immune system, into the circulation of liquids, and in general, into the spread of your energy.

Circulation / Sex

The Circulation / Sex Meridian is connected to the heart itself, protecting it from disturbing emotions and it is linked to sexual desire. In case of imbalance, you may experience hot flushes, hot and sweaty hands, pain in the arms and chest, circulatory problems, restless sleep with nightmares, dizziness, conditions, restlessness, excessive emotionality, depression and exhaustion.

The Fire  Minister Essence balances the two meridians, improving the coordination of your life, helping you to adapt yourself to the changes you face day by day. This Essence helps you to eliminate thoughts that hinder your well-being, helping you in your growth, in your transformation and in the expansion of yourself.

A balanced meridian is essential to stay in balance physically, emotionally and spiritually. You will rediscover being full of love and passion, you will experience great enthusiasm for whatever you do.

What are Essences with Revitalizing Sounds for Meridians

The use of the Revitalizing Essences of the Meridians generates magical effects when found in the United States on the dualistic nature of the meridians. The Essences with Meridian Sounds support the physical attention of the meridian through the vibration of the subtle energies of the herbs and do not support the aetheric union with the sound vibration.



Instructions for use

Type: alchemy spray essences

Type: alchemy spray essences

Size: 60 ml

Fragrance: delicate light scent

Instructions: use the Meridian Vitalizer Essence simply vaporizing it around yourself once or twice a day so that the benefits fall to the body. To be used at least 21 days.

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