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Control your stress, your emotions and your anger to reach the goals of your life!
Essence with Wood sounds helps you balance the gallbladder and liver meridians, helping you in planning, making decisions, stimulating you to act
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Anger / Fury

Focus on yourself and answer these questions. Find out if your meridian is in balance:

Can you manage stress?

• Do you consider yourself kind?

• Can you communicate effectively?

• Do you feel supported?

• Do you think you are in the rhythm of life?

• Do you feel a successful person?

• Do you consider a good thing not to always have control?

If you have answered no to some of these questions, you need to act to balance your meridian!

Essence with Sound Wood physically supports the liver, gall bladder, muscles and tendons.

Gallbladder Meridian

The Gallbladder meridian, if it is in good energetic condition, helps to keep the body straight on the frontal plane, without lateral inclinations. It is also linked to sleep.

Imbalances of this meridian can occur with headache in the lateral part of the skull.

Liver Meridian

This meridian, on the physical level, is linked to the health of muscles, tendons, nails and eyes, while on an emotional level it affects the management of anger and courage.

Imbalances of this meridian can lead to fatigue, to have a greenish complexion and bad management of anger.

The Essence with sounds Wood helps you to balance the two meridians helping you in planning, making decisions, stimulating you to act: every moment must be savored and must not be wasted.

Balance the liver and gallbladder meridian to have a clear sense of your life and a deeper understanding of your Soul’s purpose. You will have deeper inspirations and desires and greater success in achieving the goals of your life.

What are Essences with Revitalizing Sounds for Meridians

The use of the Revitalizing Essences of the Meridians generates magical effects when used on the dualistic nature of the meridians. The Essences with Meridian Sounds support the physical aspect of the meridian through the vibration of the subtle energies of the herbs and support the etheric aspect with the vibration of the sound.



Instructions for use

Type: alchemy spray essences

Size: 60 ml

Fragrance: delicate light scent

Instructions: use the Meridian Vitalizer Essence simply vaporizing it around yourself once or twice a day so that the benefits fall to the body. To be used at least 21 days.


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