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Single-dose Spiritual Color Bath


What are spiritual color baths?

They represent the Awakening of Consciousness

Spiritual Color Baths work to unlock karmic patterns and limiting thought structures. They take you to a higher octave are a first for Ailight. They allow you to access a higher level of awareness, and experience emotions that lighten your soul and thoughts. They take you beyond, a path where you can listen to your soul and really find yourself. There are spaces, where only Color can take you…

Benefits of Spiritual Colors

Spiritual Orange – Falling in love with yourself, is the harmonic leap, the evolution of the awareness of creation, the embodiment of beauty, a leap into the “Plain of Truth” where the God Eros dwells, the opening to a higher level of pleasantness of living. The Orange Spiritual bath matches the Archangel Jophiel.

Spiritual Emerald Green – Using the color Spiritual Green helps you overcome the anguish of any experience and move forward with renewed hope and confidence. This color will support your intuitive leadership and help you to truly expand yourself and your vision. The color spiritual green can help you reevaluate your true path in life.

Remember that your power comes from your inner truth and wisdom, it is unconditional, permanent goodness of spirit that asks for nothing in return, rises from animal instincts, instilling confidence and calm. The spiritual Green bath is combined with the Archangel Raphael

Magenta – Unlock the mental programs that limit your outlook on life. The color magenta allows you a vibrational leap into the heart of humanism. It encourages open-mindedness and the search for answers beyond what is considered normal and conventional. Magenta bath matches the Archangel Metatron.

Spiritual Rose – is the beginning, the fresh start for one’s life, instills a special love for human nature, elevation from material life. The Spiritual Rose bath matches the Archangel Uriel.

Spiritual Turquoise – Leads to openness of the heart, gives well-being, tranquility, freedom, bliss. Gives depth and naturalness in the breath and frees the head from congestion.
The spiritual turquoise bath matches the Archangel Gabriel.

Black – Limited edition – The Black color bath is enveloping and gives a sense of protection, connecting you with the deepest aspects of you. In this bath you have the opportunity to probe your soul, to question it, to discover your star seed, the truths you intuit, but have never dared to “REALLY” reveal to yourself. Black reveals you to yourself, as no color can. The color black matches the essence of the Stargate Masters.

Why was Acqua di Colore created?

Many international studies have shown what enormous benefits brings the water “informed” to the human body, combined with the strength of the vibration of color becomes a great benefit, and from this thought comes the desire to find a simple way to bring
this therapy of well-being close to people, in their own lives, in their families and in their homes.

What could be simpler than pouring color inside your bathtub (or foot bath) and soaking?

A color bath is a fun and easy way to absorb the benefits of color vibrations. Soaking in water, a natural element, combined with the energy of color, creates a wonderful atmosphere of healing well-being that the body immediately recognizes. The therapeutic effect of color is immediate.

How is Acqua di Colore made?
Acqua di Colore is a pure organic pigment and leaves no residue or stains of color. A pigment is like a grain of sand, and mixed together they create colors as we see them. It is non-toxic. It contains no fragrances or oils. The product can be safely used by
all people and even children.

Instructions for use
The color is absorbed by the body, through the immersion of the hands, feet and body. Pour the liquid into the water of the container and/or
tub, in hot, but not boiling, water. Soak up to a maximum time of 20 min. DO NOT EXCEED.

Colors can be used at any time of the day. 

Try them in the new 30 ml single-dose pack.




Color Water is composed of non-toxic organic substances, and color pigments are formed from the elements of oxygen, hydrogen, nitrogen, and carbon. When these elements mix together we can visualize color (similar to a rainbow). Color Water consists of pure filtered water, coconut oil glycerin and EU approved colors. The color bath is made of high quality raw materials and contains no animal, metal, chemical, carbon or petroleum products. The product does not contain chemical colors but only organic colors.


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