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Colour Bath Yellow Water – detoxifying and weight loss for mind and body


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Yellow Energy stimulates intellect, attention and learning.

Good for eliminating toxins (DETOX)


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Mental intelligence – Wisdom, clarity, self-esteem

Yellow Energy stimulates intellect, attention and learning. It increases interest and curiosity.

It makes one wise and strengthens the personality. It stimulates responsibility, reliability and the ability to fulfil one’s commitments.

In colour therapy, yellow is often associated with purification and the release of toxins.

YELLOW is a warm stimulating colour. Use it preferably in the morning or, at any rate, during the day.

Cleanse the mind, remove toxins from the body

Immersing yourself in YELLOW water is like diving into the sun, everything becomes brighter around you when you bathe in YELLOW energy. Cleansing your mind, your mental mind, is so wonderfully liberating that you will feel your body grateful to be free of the mind, even if only for a short time.

Remember that your mind is working incessantly, even when you are asleep, so if you don’t teach yourself how to Manage the Mind, sooner or later you will reach a point where you feel a little confused. When thoughts have no purpose and meaning they run restlessly until they find something to hold on to, and this can cause you problems, because thought does not distinguish between good and bad. Therefore it is important to assign a task to your thoughts in order to have great freedom of thought.

When you take a colour bath, no matter what colour you choose, you have to put your mind into ‘madness’, and it is the colour you choose that will put your thoughts back into gear. You are the only one who can choose the object of your goal and what you desire will come through the energy of the colour you have chosen to pour into the water. Your brain will never be tired of working with information, but the choice of what you send to the brain may cause an increase in the desire to work or symptoms of fatigue.

Flushes toxins from the body – especially if you are on a diet

If you are feeling constipated, weighed down or want to go on a diet, do a cycle of 8 to 10 colour baths to flush toxins from the body, improve digestion and strengthen your will to persevere in your beneficial diet regime. There are many benefits you will gain, that’s for sure.

Yellow energy can help in cases of:

  • mental exhaustion
  • lack of concentration
  • nervousness
  • sadness
  • poor digestion
  • stomach ache
  • weight problems
  • problems with the desire to study
  • increased memory
  • increased focus

Visit the Colour Bathing Tips section for further insights into “How to get maximum benefits with colour baths” and regenerative bath therapy.

How to make a color bath - Instructions for use

Color water is available in size: 200 ml (8/10 baths)

Type: body product.

Scent: odorless, does not contain any kind of fragrance.

Instructions for use:

Red is a warm color and is extremely stimulating. Use it preferably in the morning or, at any rate, during the day. We recommend 2/3 baths per week for about 6 weeks or as needed. Suitable for people of all ages. Use for children over the age of 6, for younger ages seek advice from our experts.

How to use:

Bathtub: pour 2 or max 3 caps of color water into the bathtub, to achieve the preferred color intensity (the higher the color intensity, the greater the energetic effect). DO NOT exceed the recommended dose.
Footbath: pour 1 capful of color water, using a clear or white basin.

Water temperature: warm, but never boiling.
Soaking time: 10 min – do not exceed the time indicated
The product will not stain once diluted in water.

Composition : Color Dil Water is composed of nontoxic organic substances, and the color pigments are formed from the elements of oxygen, hydrogen, nitrogen and carbon. When these elements mix together we are able to visualize color (similar to the rainbow). Color Water is composed of pure filtered water, coconut oil glycerin and from colors approved by the European Union. The bath in color is composed of raw materials from high quality and contains no animal, metal, chemical, charcoal or petroleum products. The product contains no chemical colors but only organic colors.

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