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Root Chakra note C – 60ml


Simply mist your aura with the spray 2 times a day for 21 days locally. Also can be used to change the energy in a room and to program gemstones.

The product can be used by therapists combined with other healing techniques.

Chakra essences are subtle energy remedies that work , created from beneficial sound vibrations created from the healing vibration sound of the crystal bowls.
The Chakra essences hold the imprint of the vibration of each note and the semitone of harmonic scale. As the vibration of colours and sounds co-exist , it has been noted that once the vibration of sound has charged the essence, so too has the vibration of colour inherently charged the essence.

Characteristics of a balanced root chakra are strong and determined feelings that life is good. There is a belief that dreams will easily manifest and there is worthiness of abundance and security; there is prosperity in all areas of life. There is a connective ness to the physical which builds the foundation for all higher charkas as the root chakra is the source of life-force.

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