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Colour Bath Red Water


Fill up with energy! – Colored liquid preparation to be diluted in water

RED Vitality, Courage, Inner Strenght

Red stimulates the vital energy increasing inner strength, self-confidence and will. It helps to promote the initiative to those who have difficulties to react and make decisions, making concrete actions and achievement of objectives. The red in color therapy, is combined with the blood (circulatory system) and musculoskeletal system (bones and muscles). The energy of red stimulates blood circulation, body temperature and physical vigor.

Essential Oils to match the bathroom: Ylang Ylang, Sandalwood, juniper, Colour Chakra oil Red – Harmony oil Ch’i Energy.

Warning: We do not recommend swimming in red who has heart problems, suffer from hypertension or high blood pressure.

Water color is available size200 ml (8/10 baths)

Type: product for the body.

Type: product for the body.

Fragrance: odorless, it does not contain any type of fragrance

Instructions for Use

The Red is a warm color and is extremely challenging. Use preferably in the morning or at least during the day. It is recommended to have 2/3 baths a week for about six weeks or as needed. Suitable for people of all ages. Use for children over the age of 6 years, for lower age ask advice from our experts.


We recommend do not use red colour water for people who has heart problems, who suffer from hypertension or high blood pressure.


The Colour Water is composed of organic, not toxic substances and color pigments are formed from the elements oxygen, hydrogen, nitrogen and carbon. When these elements are mixed together we are able to see the color (similar to the rainbow). The colour water is composed of pure filtered water, glycerine of coconut oil and colors approved by the European Union. The color bath is made from high quality raw materials and it doesn’t contain animal products, metals, chemicals, coal or oil. The product contains no chemical colors but only organic colors.





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