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Colour Bath Blu Water


Relaxing Bath  – Colored liquid preparation to be diluted in water

Relaxation, Communication, Truth

Colour water is a vibrational remedy formulated into a liquid preparation to be diluted in water, natural, suitable for all age groups, is extremely pleasant and relaxing.

BLUE … a relaxing color to slip into a peaceful sleep …

Blue is the color of the soul and connects us to the highest part of us. The bath in blue relaxes the mind and has a calming effect. It promotes sleep and helps to calm hyperactive children. It enhances communication, self-expression and contact with our own inner truths.

Water color is available size: 200 ml (8/10 baths)

Type: product for the body.

Fragrance: odorless, it does not contain any type of fragrance

Tips for the bath with Blue Colour Water

Immersing in a BLUE energy color bath is simply an heavenly experience. It is a something so illuminating, pure and pleasant than anyone could feel like he was gaining a new awareness of everything around him. It’s understandable how as both the BLU (color of the sea and the sky) and the GREEN (color of forests, trees and grass) are the main colors for the planet. They both give, in fact, serenity, clarity and love, in addition to the necessary substances that allow life to exist. They are the colors of peace. They eliminate toxins and emit healing power. They encapsulate good thoughts and principles spreading good vibrations.
It is recommended to have 2/3 baths a week for about six weeks, or as needed. Suitable for people of all ages. Use for children older than 1 year of age, to ask under advice from our experts.
The Colour Water is composed of non-toxic organic substances, the colour pigments are formed from the elements oxygen, hydrogen, nitrogen and carbon. When these elements are mixed together we are able to see the color (similar to the rainbow). The Colour Water is composed of pure filtered water, coconut oil and glycerine from colours approved by the European Union. The colour bath is made up of high quality raw materials and it contains no animal origin products, metals, chemicals, coal or petroleum. The product contains no chemical colors but only organic colors.




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