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Color Bath 7-color kit – single dose


Why was Color Water created for?

Many international studies have shown what tremendous benefits “informed” water brings to the human body, combined with the power of color vibration it becomes a great benefit, and from this thought came the desire to find a simple way to bring
this wellness therapy close to people, into their own lives, families and homes.

What could be simpler than pouring color inside the bathtub (or foot bath) and soaking?

Color bathing is an easy and fun way to absorb the benefits of color vibrations. Soaking in water, a natural element, matching the energy of color, creates a wonderful atmosphere of healing well-being that the body immediately recognizes. The therapeutic effect of color is immediate.

When to use Color Water?

Whenever you wish! Color helps you balance your body’s energy, through the energetic properties of each
individual color.
RED, ORANGE and YELLOW are “Warm and Stimulating” colors, which give energy from a physical point of view and give concreteness to decisions made. It is recommended to use them in the morning bath or during the day until the early afternoon hours. GREEN, BLUE, ODACO and VIOLET are “Cool and Calming” colors. A bath before going to sleep, is the best time to use them, however at will they can
be used.

How is Color Water  made?
Water of Color is a pure organic pigment and leaves no residue or stains of color. A pigment is like a grain of sand, and mixed together they create colors as we see them. It is non-toxic. It does not contain, perfumes or oils. The product can be safely used by
all people and even by children.

Instructions for use
The color is absorbed by the body,through soaking the hands, feet and body. Pour the liquid into the water of the container and/or
tub, in hot, but not boiling water. Soak for a minimum time of 10 min to a maximum time of 20 min. DO NOT EXCEED.

For the colors red,orange, yellow it is recommended to use them during the day, because they give energy, all other colors can be used at any time of the day. different.

Try them in the new 30 ml single-dose pack.



Aqua dil Colore is composed of non-toxic organic substances, and the color pigments are formed from the elements of oxygen, hydrogen, nitrogen and carbon. When these elements mix together we are able to visualize color (similar to a rainbow). Color Water is composed of pure filtered water, coconut oil glycerin and from colors approved by the European Union. The bath in color is composed of raw materials from high quality and contains no animal, metal, chemical, charcoal or petroleum products. The product contains no chemical colors but only organic colors.

Kit of 7 baths of 30 ml each.

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