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Erba aromatica e boccetta olio essenziale

Aromatherapy with essential oils

Prevention and flanking treatment of COVID-19

Essential oils are excellent in preventing and accompanying the treatment of COVID-19.

Making the best use of our immune system and choosing what can support it most effectively is crucial at this time.

In fact, we believe that the use of essential oils represents an important possibility precisely because of the studies carried out to date, albeit for other medical situations, but which have great affinity with the current one.

The importance of aromatherapy

Aromatherapy is a practice that is part of phytotherapy.
It uses essential oils to maintain psychophysical well-being or treat psychophysical disorders.

“An essential oil is a mixture of organic odorous substances found in plants,” explains Giancarlo Rossello, naturopath and aesthetician in Savona.

Their aroma reaches the hypothalamus, an element of the encephalon that connects the nervous system with the endocrine system, via olfactory receptors.

This mechanism of action explains how an essential oil is effective in various problems. In the human body, a bit like in an orchestra, everything must vibrate harmoniously.

Essential oils rebalance situations where the vibrations are out of tune, due to anxiety, stress, inflammation or infection.

Energetic and symbolic aspects of essential oils

When essential oil is extracted from a plant, it is not only a biochemically defined mixture of active ingredients that is isolated.
In a way, it also represents the soul, the ‘personality’ of the plant, freed from material aspects.

The essential oil constitutes the ‘subtlest’ and most purified component of the plant, which, freed from the heaviest matter, is capable of conveying the underlying ‘intelligence’ scheme, i.e. that wealth of information that can reach man and interact with him, not only on a physical-organic level, but which is also capable of influencing his subtler nature.

The plant soul, in this sense, would exert its influence on the human soul.
Each plant has its own particular imprint or energy and can offer something unique, communicating information that may be lacking or dystonic in the human information-energy system.

These concepts are based on a ‘holistic’ vision: holos in Greek means in fact the whole, the unity of the parts.

Holistic medicine in fact considers the human being as a complex unity, as a centre of consciousness that manifests itself in multiple dimensions, from the physical to the spiritual, in a unitary field of information.

Every living organism can thus be understood as a unit in continuous processing and transmission of information (DNA, RNA, enzymes) that implies an intelligent purpose and a global consciousness of the system.

Every pathological form is due to a ‘communication’ problem within the network.
If the unit as a whole can find solutions, it survives.
If, on the other hand, there are no solutions, the unit ‘dies’ and the network dissolves.

The entire planet would behave like a gigantic, intelligent and self-balancing living organism, a kind of great consciousness – Gaia or Gaea (the goddess of the Earth) – a global brain made up of all the living organisms on the planet and in which every single human being would represent a neuron, a key element of this living intelligence.

This is the Gaia hypothesis, proposed in the 1990s by researcher James Lovelock and experimentally verified by numerous scientists.

There is a resonance and correspondence between this scientific hypothesis and the ancient world conception that sees man-microcosm as the mirror and faithful image of the universe-macrocosm.

This conception operates with a mode of thought governed not by the logical criterion of cause-effect, but by the ‘analogical-symbolic’ one, which reveals the connections between subjects through equivalences and meanings: it is the ‘law of resonance’ that unites similar things and is at the root of every harmonic phenomenon of existence.