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Wood Meridian

Purify your Liver naturally to get in shape!

With Spring coming, it’s time to get rid of toxins from the Liver!

No matter how old you are or if you are overweight, enjoying good liver health is essential for the functioning of your whole body, to feel good and to prevent many diseases, including those affecting the gallbladder.

Often we don’t spend enough time thinking about what care the liver and gallbladder need, until it is too late; even considering that people living in a developed country eat, for the most part, an inadequate and harmful diet (sometimes rich in junk food).
Toxins are very harmful substances that alter the body and can lead to the onset of several serious disorders.

The Function of the Liver

The liver can be compared to a filtration plant, a huge factory, or a chemical laboratory. As a factory and chemical laboratory, it is well evidenced by the variety of substances it produces: glycogen, glucose, bile, fibrinogen, prothrombin, heparin, and urea. The liver retains glycogen in its tissues and converts it into sugar or glucose when the body demands it. It then produces a green fluid called bile to help digest fats.

The main causes of liver damage

  • Regular consumption of sugar, coffee and very refined white flours, which reduce the production of hydrochloric acid, which is essential for digestion.
  • When you digest poorly, toxic gases are formed, which absorbed by the intestinal wall, through the blood, end up intoxicating the liver.
  • An excess of toxins in the body and a high level of fat is usually linked to an equally high level of “bad” cholesterol, which alters all basic functions, including those of the gallbladder, leading you to risk disease and gallstones.

The causes of damage to your body are not only physical but also emotional, anger and rage put a strain on liver health, repressed emotions act as a real catalyst for disease.
The Meridian energy system deals with the energy flow of organs, just as the venous system deals with transporting nourishment throughout the body through circulation the blood.

What is the purpose of the Wood Meridian?

This meridian physically supports the liver and gallbladder. The sense organs related to this element are the eyes, which are connected to the liver, and consequently sight as a sense can be strengthened by supporting the meridians of the wood element.
Why do we place such importance on the liver?

It is the most complex organ in the human body in terms of quantity and variety of functions in addition to being the largest organ. It is responsible for an innumerable series of functions, all of which are invaluable to the body.

For all these reasons, it is important to keep it in full health.
Stress, anger, tension and difficulties are translated into toxins that attack the noble organs, creating pain and disease.

The Wood Meridian Element promotes the ability to control; when it is out of balance you risk reacting through controlling your behavior or the situation itself. When its energy is in full harmony, on the other hand, you will have a clear sense of vision and be able to plan, make decisions and take action, knowing that there is never a moment to lose. There is nothing more rewarding than achieving your goals, with the support of good health.

The benefits that the Alchemical Vibrational Essence Wood Element brings:

  • Liver Meridian – Kindness
    The Wood Meridian handles activities of all kinds. Chemical, emotional or spiritual toxins are integrated into the liver.
    Changes at any level, including shifting our consciousness, can cause stress in the body. Wood Essence protects the liver by acting as a cushion in defense of any internal or external changes.
  • Gallbladder Meridian – Communication
    Gallbladder Meridian has to do with support; the ability to provide what is appropriate when needed.
    An imbalance in the gallbladder is the feeling of being out or out of time. No other system can function optimally without the appropriate support of the gallbladder. It has the ability to provide what is needed when needed. The essence of the gallbladder is the support for the whole system.

Tips for cleansing the body of toxins

Use Meridian Wood essence every morning, (at least 30gg) vaporizing it as a waterfall over the head and at the liver. To complete the process of purifying the body, we recommend that you combine a cycle of 10/12 baths with Yellow Color Bath you will see all toxins floating in the colored bath.