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Water Meridian

The Water Cycle and the Cycle of Life

The Water Element is, among the 5 Elements, the most charged with symbolism and importance.
What it sustains is part of the depths of each of us and allows us to love life to the fullest and fearlessly embrace our destiny.

Water, biologically, is the source of all life on the globe, the matrix that in the form of amniotic fluid and primordial waters preserves and enables the beginning of life.

We can compare this fantastic element to the circulatory system of the human body, which is used to transport heat, nourishment…in other words, life.

Water is a subtle element; in fact, in the form of vapor it rises to the sky and is impregnated with astral energies. It later falls to the earth in the form of rain, fertilizing it with the energies captured in the subtle dimension.
The Earth enjoys from the information received from Water, because of its continuous evolution.

If your water element is very strong and balanced then you are a very sociable, pleasant, sensitive and accepting person. It is difficult to argue with you because you always manage to avoid conflict. Your motto is “I love being alive and responsible for my own destiny.”

What is the Water Meridian for?


Health: the Bladder meridian is the longest meridian in the body and is related to posture, the Central-Peripheral Nervous System, all fluids in the body and psycho-emotional balance. If imbalanced it can lead to: sciatica, cervical, frontal headaches, sinusitis, back pain, nervousness, insecurity, water retention, hormonal and genital system problems.

Health: Kidney Meridian-the kidneys are the seat of primordial energy, of genetic ch’ì. They govern bone, hair, ears and the orifices of the lower body. As well as the uropoietic system and electrolyte exchanges. Given the areas affected by meridian flow, they are also related to sexual and reproductive energy.

This meridian deals with the theme of control and release.
The characteristics of a balanced water element pair is to live in the flow of life with flexibility feeling resourceful enough to do things up to the mark. There is a clear sense of strength, will and power. Being balanced within the energies of this meridian pair involves a sense of peace, inner direction and the confidence to know.

A balanced kidney and vescia meridian is essential to let go of the fear that is stopping you from fully participating in your creative expression and life’s adventures.You will feel like you are in charge and part of the world, not floating around aimlessly. With inner direction you lose your instinctive response to everyday life and instead contemplate your choices to bring peace to your world.

The benefits that Alchemical Vibrational Essence Water Element brings are related to the kidneys and bladder:

  • Kidney Meridian – Patience and Confidence
    It facilitates the process of transforming reflex instincts into conscious thoughts in which choice becomes a possibility. The essence is a filter that purifies emotions and this allows for clarity on all levels. It supports our reactions to the facts of life, through conscious choice, as opposed to instinctive attack and flight reactions.
  • Bladder Meridian – Circumspection
    This meridian deals with the theme of control and release. The control and release function of emotions in the Water meridian are of great help when working with animals or people with disabilities. This meridian does not bring awareness or consciousness, but facilitates the release of negative emotions, and opens the space to higher awareness or enlightenment.