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Tips for Bathing with Yellow Water

Diving in the YELLOW Water is like diving into the sun, everything becomes brighter around you when you take a YELLOW energy bath. Cleansing the mind, your mental mind, is so wonderfully liberating that you will feel the body grateful to be free from the mind, albeit for a short time. Remember that your mind works relentlessly, even when you are asleep, so if you don’t teach yourself how to Mind Management, sooner or later you will come to a point where you will feel a little confused. When thoughts have no purpose and no meaning, they run restless non-stop until they find something to cling to, and this can create problems for you, for thought makes no distinction between good and bad. Therefore it is important to assign a task to one’s thoughts in order to have great freedom of thought.

When you make a color bath, regardless of the color you choose, you need to put your mind in “crazy”, and it will be the color you have chosen that will put your thoughts back on the march. You are the only one who can choose the object of your goal and what you want will come through the energy of the color you have chosen to pour into the water.                                                           Your brain will never be tired of working with information, but choosing what you send to the brain can cause an increase in the desire to work or symptoms of fatigue.

Tips for the Bathroom
When you decide to dive into the YELLOW Water, you should also know what you want, because this is a mentally illuminating bath. You could also immediately and unambiguously tell the energy that bothers you and what you really want. Remember that this color, represents first of all the sense of the organization of everything, and nothing escapes its powerful “look”. He knows every ounce of dust under the bed and he knows you like to be late because you don’t like to get up in the morning. But that’s not why it’s there, it’s there for you and to be used better to worry about before everything you do.

So use it, talk with your YELLOW energy and explain that you need to learn to remember more. For this you need to remember what you learn, and make the YELLOW energy work correctly, ask for its help to remember things, and make the YELLOW color work for you.

Immersed in the YELLOW water you have plenty of time to meet your YELLOW friend, Meet, speak and tell, relax and let your mind wander; the YELLOW energy will tell you something if it understands that you are open and receptive. And yet, you can choose to listen, so you have a chance to learn a lot, because no other of the six energies can beat the yellow when it comes to remembering something that was thought of even once.

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