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Illustrazione colore verde

Tips for bathing with GREEN WATER

Diving in GREEN water is like jumping naked in nature. The GREEN color has a liberating flow of energy that allows us to feel like children once again, as if we were naked and new in the Garden of Eden waiting to wait when the tube opens.

It seems hard to lie to yourself in this GREEN environment, the word opens in your mind and you feel like lying on a GREEN river of water, running along the Amazon. Such a journey is beneficial to the body, you appreciate the cleanliness, especially if you take this bath before going to bed. Then it almost feels like you jump into the third phase of the sleep process, because a lot of the initial work has already been done in the GREEN bathroom.

If you have had a tiring day and there have been emotional events that you have not solved, take a green bath and it will be like seeing a therapist. Speak aloud about your problems, to the whole surface of the green water and observe how water absorbs the vibrations that thoughts have triggered. The event has not disappeared, but you can get rid of the personal acid that you have accumulated.
GREEN energy is a good friend, and when the principle of love reigns you will never have to pretend, withdraw or add something, to be in balance with the GREEN energy. GREEN energy takes care of you when you enter GREEN water, and it’s like coming home.

Tips for the Bathroom
If you feel misunderstood, forgotten and perhaps neglected take a nice GREEN bath. You may also feel that you are missing something, that something is missing, or just feel that you need a hand, and again the GREEN bathroom is good for you. Or maybe you just need to rest, feel your body, need peace and quiet, and the green bath is just benevolent.

When you pour GREEN liquid into the water, think about nature, how you wish to be received and create color tone with this thought. Once you are more used to immersing yourself in colors, you can add Blue Water in the water to get a Blue/Green color and the color will have a different meaning, and if you want a more Yellow/Green color you will get a meaning, completely different. Colors are like moods, but you have to learn about the primary colors before you become masters of color. We will write more about the color mixes that you can experience.

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