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The Mind-Body Connection

The body is composed of organs and glands, each of which performs its own task. The holistic approach recognises that our organs not only have a physical function but also have an influence on the mental and emotional level. For example, the throat area (chakra) has the ability to give voice to our thoughts, feelings and spiritual beliefs; however, we do not always allow this, we restrain ourselves from expressing our ideas, emotions and beliefs, perhaps because we are afraid to show others our feelings and inner being. By doing so, we block the flow of energy and from a physical point of view, we disharmonise our throat chakra, which in turn will cause us neck pain, sore throat, shoulder or jaw pain, etc.

This proves that whatever you think about will in turn affect your bodily energy flow (both physical and energetic). If during your life your recurring thoughts were negative, they will have created a deep energetic blockage throughout your body. Understanding your physical symptoms is a means to help you change bad habitual thoughts and lead you towards wellbeing.

Through body language we are able to understand which thoughts can cause certain physical problems and how energy flow can be restricted in certain places in our body. This means that our organs contain a similar thought pattern, and once we have identified the physical problem/symptom, we are able to determine the underlying problem. We recommend reading “The Power of Seven Colours”, a booklet that will help you understand the connection between body and mind. Sign up for the newsletter and receive it for free.

By understanding how your energy is affected and adopting a healthy and correct lifestyle, you will enable the reprogramming of your thoughts and beliefs into a more positive energy flow.
The focus of the teachings of Ailight and the Colour Energy School is to help you understand the connection that exists between body, mind and spirit through the simple use of the colour system and language. When you understand which chakra governs the various thoughts, emotions and organs of our body, it will be easy to understand which exercises or tools to use to support a particular area.


Enact the Mind/Body Connection

Read the Waters of Colour booklet (Click here) 

In our booklet you can read:

If you are a practitioner and would like to learn about the Healing Power of Colours sign up for the course : Colours in the Body – The Healing Power of Colours .