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The Meridians

What are meridians?

They are channels of energy that oscillate with the life force.
Think of this force as a life wave, travelling along the string of a violin in response to a light bow stroke. According to the strings and notes played, information is carried in the form of music, to the listener.

What happens, in effect, is that the stimulation of the string causes atoms to vibrate and generate a sound wave. So, just as music can influence our emotional states by promoting excitement, courage, calm, melancholy and even sleep, stimulating notes or acupuncture points along the string of a physical meridian will send vibrational information to organs, energy centres and the brain.
If there were no vibrating life waves flowing through our hearts, they would stop in the same way as a water pump whose electrical cord is cut.

If there were no vibrating life waves flowing through our brains, they would empty out like a television set whose aerial has been cut off.
We are alive because of the level of energy and information, which moves like a life wave, along the meridians, allowing the internal mechanisms to function.
The quantity and quality of our life is directly proportional to the vibrations of the life wave.Meridians are not like nerves or cellular tissue, although nerve tissue is found along meridian channels. Meridians are more like thin, highly polarised rivulets of water that are now believed to be long strings of liquid crystals that react to light and transmit bioelectric signals along their paths.

The meridians are comparable to a thread of tissue that connects all organs, glands and body substances.
The Nei Jing says ‘Meridians move Ch’ì and blood, regulate Yin and Yang, moisten tendons and bones, benefit joints. The meridians also connect the inside of the body with the outside.