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What color do you need today?


Knowing the Color – Colored cards for children and adults containing a message for each day of the week.


What color do you need today?Have you ever wondered why you love some colors and not others?The colors we choose tell us about ourselves, our emotions and how to “heal” them with just the right color!The box contains 7 cards that have on one side each of the 7 colors of the rainbow and on the other an explanatory sentence. In the morning you can draw the card from the deck and read the good luck of the day and the advice to make your day better!Color is a fascinating travel master, helping us to improve our thoughts by staying close to us with its exciting colorful energy.Give it to your friends or colleagues, because living with balanced and serene people is very pleasant, and it is the most important prerequisite for creating PROSPERITY. Pack with 7 cards.

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