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The Philosophical Calendar of Colors 2023

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Philosophical Color Calendar 2023

To color your emotions every day

The organization of the days of the week follows studies, planets, curiosities and finally fate, which has always accompanied our steps.

Each day a different message connected to the many emotions that colors awaken, to color your life with endless possibilities.

An absolute novelty, for a truly unique and exclusive gift!


The Philosophical Calendar of Colors 2023

The year 2023 is ruled by the number 7, associated with the Archetype of the Wise Man – Oracle of wisdom and good fortune
“Seven, by its concealed virtues, maintains in being all things; it is dispenser of life, movement and is instrumental in influencing celestial beings.”

The Color Philosophy Calendar consists of 365 pages, one for each day of the year, each with a different color use the colors associated with the messages to bring wisdom combined with creativity within you. All messages are personally chosen by the Calendar’s creator, Iliana Manfredi.

In the calendar you will find art and creative insights, be inspired by beauty!

No sentence written is random, it wants to bring you a message !

Every day, peeling off the page, you will find a new color to be happy, have courage, open yourself to change, to choose the colors to wear, the colors to put in your home, enjoy life today, let go of the past and imagine your best future.
To read, keep and share with whomever you want.

The phrases are all different; they are taken from reflections and works of artists, authors, philosophers, singers of the present and past that will give you the right sprint to face the day with a smile.

How to use the color calendar for your emotional well-being?

You can use them in your home, in your choice of accessories, clothing, or find new ideas to “color” your table and why not even your ideas by rekindling your creativity.

The days of the week have been divided into colors, with the purpose of helping you use different areas of your emotional intelligences.

Go with the flow and discover how to get positive energy flowing in your life.

Use the different shades of colors as friends, counselors, helpers, but most importantly, give them to your loved ones, color the lives of everyone around you.

The calendar

The size measures 10*14 cm; it is without a hole, so it cannot be hung.

Gift idea

The Color Philosophy Calendar, is an absolute novelty and a year-long gift: ideal for a special friend or friend, for mom, for dad, for Christmas and Valentine’s Day. Perfect for keeping at home, for the office desk, for the coffee machine, for bars or waiting rooms.

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