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Bring your Soul to a higher vibrational level!

Spiral Energy is tuned to the DFA note # which will help you abandon old thinking patterns, embracing new ones

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Spiral Energy – Vibrational Essence for the full-spectrum aura

Spiral Energy Essence was created to support the spiral energy of the unity of humanity’s etheric field. This essence works with the geometric patterns of nature, giving you a feeling of peace and serenity.

The Spiral Energy that draws its strength from the Reiki symbol Cho Ku Rei works to promote peace, simplicity and emits an energy of love and healing.

The Spiral, which is the oldest known symbol used in spiritual rituals, reflects the universal pattern of growth and evolution. We can find evidence of this in the very molecules of our DNA, the spiral shape of vine branches, the shape of shells and the spiral shape of the galaxy in which we live, the Milky Way.

When exposed to spiral energy, the body inherently recognizes its own nature and easily resonates with it. The DFA # chord allows abandonment of old thoughts and fantasies and embraces new perceptions toward expanding awareness for spiritual growth, which often releases tension and discomfort in the physical body.

The power of the Cho Ku Rei symbol gently lifts the vibratory state of the energy field, offering relief and comfort.

Spiral Energy is tuned to the note DFA# which will help you abandon old thought patterns and embrace new ones. Your Soul will be projected to a higher vibrational level, accompanying you on a path of deep personal transformation. You will feel loved and in a state of universal well-being.

From the molecules of your DNA to the galaxy around you, everything has a spiral movement: Spiral Energy is a “universal” energy that drives your life force.

Sacred geometry: monad and Fibonacci spiral.

Essences with Aura Sounds

They are natural harmonizers of the whole Aura spectrum, made with sounds, crystals, colors, flower essences, gems and symbols. You can choose the one you prefer from the 11 available: Aura Joy, Spiral Energy, Love and Light, Flower of Life, Stargate, Secrets of the Universe, Infinity, Positive Thinking and Love Desire.

Each essence has a very specific function: you can choose by following your intuition or get advice from one of our experts. The Essences with sounds involved the “nourishment” of our energy field and can be used up to 3/4 times a day, giving power and energy to the body.

Instructions for use

Type: Natural Aura Harmonizers in whole vibrational spectrum measured by quantum physics Fragrance: Light and delicate fragrance

Available spray package: 60 ml

Instructions: Mist around yourself from 1 to 4 times a day for the benefits accruing to the body. The benefits of the essences are immediate, however you need a period of 4-6 weeks of using the product to consolidate the cellular memories.

How to use Energia Spirale

Mist the essence on the head, hands, environment during massage treatments, therapeutic or Reiki practices. The effects of vibration are working at the level of subtle energies, while operating very quickly on energy field, the perception of the effect is individual, it depends on the developed sensitivity of the person.

Additional information on the Energia Spirale

The vibrational essence created to support the energy spiral unit of etheric field of humanity, with all creation. It acts as a tuner for people to a higher level of vibration. The Energia Spirale gives stability during the healing and transformation processes. Agreed with the note DFA # it creates a spiral for the release of old patterns of thinking to embrace new perceptions. The beneficial vibrations of the Energia Spirale joined the symbol Cho Ku Rei increase the vibrational level of the energy field. Reiki – is a Japanese healing technique that leads to stress reduction, to a state of relaxation and well-being. Reiki energy is a “spiritual” energy that guides the life force. Energia Spirale is a alchemical vibrational harmonizer aura, consisting of:
– Sound: chord DFA #
– Essential Oils: Cedarwood Himalayan, Yuzu
– Crystals: Ammonite, Aventurine, Amethyst, Larimar, Rose Quartz, Silver.

Below you can find the most relevant explanations on the components used:

Ammonite – provides stability in times of change. Amethyst- is the stone of spirituality and contentment. Larimar – is the stone of “Healing the Earth”, it represents peace and clarity, it emits an energy of being and of love. Cedarwood Himalayan – is also known as the “Tree of Life” is a well-known symbol of faith and strength, revered for its healing and meditative qualities. Zuzu – is the Japanese fruit for excellence used in ceremonies of spiritual purification. It is often used in healing and reiki attunements.
Chord DFA # – it creates the SPIRAL OF RELEASE OF THOUGHTS AND OLD MODELS to allow you to embrace new perceptions.


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