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Essence Secrets from the Universe works on sacred geometries on the mental level helps you to:

  • – let go
  • – free yourself from limiting beliefs
  • – take flight to the real path of your life

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Secrets from the Universe – Paired with No. 7

The Secrets from the Universe essence is connected to the number 7, which symbolizes letting go, freeing oneself from limiting beliefs, to take flight toward the real path of one’s life. The Essence represents each of the seven structures of the Universe, in which the jewels of nature are enclosed.

Secrets from the Universe modifies the crystalline structures, which block the evolution of your thinking, helping you to abandon convictions, transmitted by patriarchal traditions, that limit the development of your Being.

We are physical, emotional and spiritual beings; these three intertwine and represent our overall state of well-being. When at any time one of these bodies is out of balance, it creates the emotional discomfort that alters the state of health. Each dimension has its role in stabilizing our health and requires specific support.

Our physical bodies can be supported with air, water, foods and herbs. Emotional and spiritual bodies need support from other elements of the universe, which include sounds, light, colors, crystals, gems and flowers. Other aspects of supporting our whole bodies come from positive words and loving touch. There are many different ways in which we receive healing vibrations from the universe. It is important to be open to the experience.

Use Essence Secrets from the Universe when you want to go on your personal growth journey toward the change you desire:

  • If you want your thinking to be clear, rational and concise.
  • If you wish to make decisions with greater ease
  • If you like to do things often on your own
  • If you cannot easily remember names
  • If you can’t admit when you make mistakes
  • If you want to be able to quickly shift gears in your thinking
  • If you want to be able to take care of yourself

What the essence contains:

Sound: CEGB♭ chord
Essential Oils: Champa
Crystals: Amethyst, Flourite, Okenite, Sugalite, Varsite, Wulfenite, Red Jasper, Tiger’s Eye, Citrine Quartz, Blue Agate, Moonstone, Rose Quartz,Charite.

Essences are a tool for personal growth – the Secrets from the Universe essence works with sacred geometries on the mental level

Essences with colors and sounds rebalance the psyche, body and spirit. They are valuable and powerful healing tools that can have extraordinary effects on the physical, mental and emotional levels. They help us grow and develop awareness, thus a clearer and more sincere view of ourselves, a prerequisite for authentic and lasting healing from any kind of ailment.

Essences with Colors and Sounds is one of the most extraordinary systems available today that offers wellness vibrations in five dimensions of the body

What is the working principle of Essences with Colors and Sounds based on?

Health can be defined as the sound of the body, mind and spirit. This means that the body, mind and spirit resonate harmoniously to their highest potential.

By being healthy we maintain a resonant frequency. When we are sick or affected by imbalance we are out of tune with this resonance frequency so the healing process is simply restoring this optimal resonance for body, mind and spirit.

This is the basic principle of sound healing and vibrational medicine is that each organ, bone, cell or system has a specific frequency and the concept of disease suggests that a counter frequency has encoded itself on the healthy frequency causing a part of the body to vibrate out of the tune. Using the sound of vibration, it is possible to shift the frequency of the unbalanced part, allowing it to entrain to its normal frequency, resonating at its maximum potential, seeking the optimal state of health.

There are two ways in which vibrational remedies such as essences support our health. The first is that they can provide the sine wave or frequency that is missing. Second, they introduce a pattern of harmony where there is discord. Everything in the universe vibrates and has a sine wave. Vibrational remedies that support the vibration of the body include thought, light, color and sound. Other vibrational remedies come from plants and minerals.

Healing frequencies from the plant kingdom include homeopathy, flowers, essences, aromatherapy, herbs and food. Healing frequencies from the mineral realm are crystals, gems, minerals, metals and essences made from these vibrations. If our energy is blocked in some way and we do not have the full frequency spectrum in our energy field, offering the body various vibrations allows the body to pick up the vibration it needs to support the overall resonance to the body. The body’s innate intelligence knows what it needs and integrates the missing frequency into the energy field.

This is the beauty of using vibrational remedies; for the body chooses only what it needs.

How to use essences

Each essence has a specific function; you can choose by following your intuition or get advice from one of our experts. Essences with sounds represent the “nourishment” of our energy field and can be used up to 1/2 times a day, giving strength and energy to the body. They should be vaporized 10/15 cm from the head, imagine a cascade of light with 3/4 sprays.

Instructions for use

Type: Natural Aura Harmonizers in whole vibrational spectrum measured by quantum physics Fragrance: Light and delicate fragrance

Available spray package:  60 ml

Instructions: Mist around yourself from 1 to 4 times a day for the benefits accruing to the body. The benefits of the essences are immediate, however you need a period of 4-6 weeks of using the product to consolidate the cellular memories.

More information

The number seven echoes in each of the chosen stones, they all represent each of the seven structures of the universe, to which all the beauties of nature belong. Seven steps to complete a course.

Amethyst is the “stone of spirituality and contentment.” It represents the principles of complete metamorphosis and gives perfect peace, the one before birth.

Charoite is a stone of transformation to this new era. It helps us to accept others with unconditional love. It increases our natural inclination to give opening our hearts, so that we can “see” with love and recognize the connection with the ALL. It helps to understand that a door closes another opens, and understand that everyone is exactly where it should be at that right moment.

Fluorite: can be used to restore order to the chaos. It is known as the “stone of discernment and intuitive perceptions.” It is excellent to help understanding the innate balance in relationships; It provides to stabilize energy, helping relationships, groups and individuals to thrive in the most useful sector.

Okenite: it is the hot and cottony-looking stone of the new era. It gives the feeling of “coming home”; It helps to accept, ending the inhibitive rejectionn and, at the same time, introducing us to all the aspects of self-forgiveness. The total karmic cycle healing starts from here, through its fulfillment “painless”.

Sugilite: it’s the “stone of love” of this era and it represents the perfection of spiritual love of “All that is”. It emerged at this time to bring special healing powers to mankind. It is useful to make it easier to memory answering the question “Why am I here?”. Also, it can help to define the means to give our contribute to this world.

Variscite: it allows transmission of messages of “need” from the physical state to the ethereal one, and the flow of “energy that meets the needs” from the ethereal state to the physical one. It leads us from “the valley of despair” in a state of being calm and peaceful.

Wulfenite: it allows you to go on, overcoming potential limitations. It is quite useful to get in touch with higher beings or the higher Self. It stimulates the bond between souls who are on the earth plane and decided to meet again in this life.

Champa flower based aromatherapy essence gives relief to the heart during the struggle for victory and personal fulfillment.

Lotus seed pods: one of the few representations of the seven existing in nature, it represents the idea of bloom in the beautiful space of love of our true potential, despite the negativity of our self-defeating behaviors and attitudes.


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