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Colour Chakra Red



Fill up on Energy and face every day to the fullest!

Color Chakra Red charges you with energy, preventing you from getting tired, listless and without ideas

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Color Chakra Red is your source of ENERGY.

Color Chakra Red charges you with energy, preventing you from getting tired, listless and without ideas: every day we need a good dose of energy to face the day!

Color chakra RED contains the essential oils of Cinnamon, Vetiver and Yang Ylang already diluted in Jojoba oil to avoid irritating the skin.

Use it daily to get deep benefits!

Physical benefits:

This essential oil gives your body energy. It strengthens your muscles, it reactivates the lazy intestine and infuse you with strength and sexual vigor, as well as strength and endurance during sports. It increases your immune defenses to stay on top! Excellent in case of cold or cough.

Emotional / mental / spiritual benefits:

Your mind will be strong and stable. Color Chakra Red eliminates your anxieties and your fears, pushes you to act and you will feel stronger and more secure. You will feel a sense of belonging to this planet, taking care of it and you will feel a sense of union towards nature and animals. You will feel the deep love for Life!

How to use:

On the body: rub a few drops, as desired, on the area of ​​the body that corresponds to the 1st Chakra. You can also rub the mixture on the areas of the hands or feet that correspond to the 1st Chakra. Gently massage the affected points.

In the rooms:  you can add 6/7 drops of essential oil to your essence diffuser, in the radiator humidifier bowl, in the vacuum cleaner or in the cabinets.

We recommend using the product for at least 2 consecutive weeks because the body’s energy system needs time to recharge. However, our natural products can be used whenever the need arises.

Color Coded Essential Oils

Color Chakra Oil is a blend of essential oils that vibrate with the energetic frequency of color, designed to energize the Body, Mind and Soul. The synergistic purpose of the mixture is to combine oils that vibrate on the same frequency, to increase and intensify the desired effect, amplifying its power also using oils coded on the same frequency as the respective colors.


Instructions for use

Type: product for the body. Usable on chakra points or on the reflex points of the Meridians.

Product quality: the essential oils of the highest quality for private and professional use.

Size: 10 ml dropper bottle and 2 ml Vials- Traveler format.

Fragrance: intense and decided, but very pleasant.

Essential Oils: Vetiver, Cinnamon, Ylang Ylang.

Oils are a wonderful concept because they allow the user to experience more of a “totality” than just using one oil. A synergy blend’s purpose is to take like-minded oils and put them together to increase or intensify a desired effect.

They contain 2-3 essential oils, with identical properties, which create a synergy and raise the vibrational cellular state in less than 12 seconds, simply by rubbing 5 or 6 drops directly on the areas of the body at the chakras or reflex points of the meridians. Mixtures Colour Chakra will unlock the energy centers and the memories locked in the body, at the speed of light.

Instructions for Use:

In the morning place a few drops on the soles of your feet, lower back region and/or on your base chakra to keep you centred and rooted. We recommend using this product every day, in the morning, to provide the body with energy, emotional stability and stability of thought. Every day and continued use is important, because the body’s energy system needs a time to load energy in the body permanently.






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