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Aquamarine pendulum and sacred symbols


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Aquamarine pendulum and sacred symbols

Pendulum with natural Aquamarine stone and sacred symbols

The Aquamarine feature is used to increase self-confidence, courage and to enhance communication with the Divine.

Myths and legends about Aquamarine

According to crystal therapy, Aquamarine would be able to help forget old pains, make peace with the past and with oneself.

It is a stone suitable for those who tend to hold grudges or harbor anger: it is useful for relieving tension and stress and for embarking on a path of positivity and resilience. It is considered the crystal of self-healing.

How to choose the pendulum

In fact, the pendulum is a real “amplifier” of our dowsing abilities indi should be made in a material and shape that “resonates” as much as possible with our “inner self.” The purpose is to feel comfortable so that we can get as truthful responses as possible.
In addition, it is important that the instrument be perceived as something “one’s own“; therefore, strictly personal use is recommended.

Hardstone Pendulums

Experience dictates that pendulums made of hard stones (in hyaline quartz, fumed quartz, citrine, etc.) are those with which those who are new to dowsing experiments are best.
In fact, quartz is easily magnetized by the “life fluid” of the person using it. This characteristic makes the use of said instruments easier and affordable for everyone. Be that as it may, one must keep in mind the fact that each type of stone has its own peculiar characteristics that make it suitable for a particular type of investigation or (in the case of dowsing applied to medicine) therapy.

Certainly the Hyaline Quartz (or Rock Crystal) pendulum is the most “universal,” in the sense that it lends itself more to a larger number of experiments and research. For this reason, one can strongly recommend its use to those who want a multipurpose instrument.

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