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Rock Crystal Pendulum and sacred symbols


Rock Crystal Pendulum and sacred symbols

Pendulum with natural rock crystal stone and sacred symbols

The characteristic of the Rock Crystal is directed to the expansion of the soul, of the ultrasensory perceptions, travel to new dimensions or to spiritual unknowns; contacts with entities, guides, as well as facilitating the awakening of the Chakras.

Myths and legends about the Rock Crystal

Since ancient times the Rock Crystal has been mentioned in legends and popular traditions as a magical-religious object. Its name comes from a Greek term “Kristallos” which identified clear ice. For the ancient Greeks, the Rock Crystal was formed by frozen water so compressed that it could no longer melt. In Indian philosophy, instead, it was seen as a powerful energizer of prana air. For the Japanese, the “perfect jewel”, as they called it, was the symbolic representation of the infinite, of the immensity of the Universe, of constancy and essentiality.

For the natives of North America and for those of Burma Rock Crystals were real living essences to be nourished as a sign of veneration in religious ceremonies while in South and Central America is famous the cult dedicated to Rock Crystal skulls idolized as gifts of gods. When the crusaders exported it in the form of spheres, the belief that they were magical instruments spread in Europe, so much so that some time later they were used in Ireland and Scotland for the care of livestock.

How to choose a pendulum

In effect, the pendulum is a real “amplifier” of our dowsing capacities and must be made in a material and a form that “resonates” as much as possible with our “inner self”. The purpose is to feel comfortable in such a way that we can get the most truthful responses as possible.
Moreover it is important that the instrument is perceived as something “own“; for this reason we recommend a strictly personal use.

Pendulums in Hard Stones

The experience wants that the pendulums in hard stones (in hyaline quartz, smoky, citrine, etc.) are those with which it is better who is beginner with the dowsing experiments.
In fact, quartz is easily magnetized by the “vital fluid” of the person who uses it. This characteristic makes the use of these instruments simpler and within everyone’s reach. However it is necessary to keep in mind the fact that every typology of stone has its peculiar characteristics that make it suitable to a particular type of investigation or (in the case of dowsing applied to the medicine) of therapy.

Certainly the pendulum in Ialino Quartz (or Rock Crystal) is the most “universal“, in the sense that it lends itself more to a greater number of experiments and searches. For this reason we can warmly recommend the use to who desires a multiuse instrument.

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