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Metal Meridian

Mood states and organ pathologies

Emotions are a natural event of existence and no one, human being or not, escapes the rule of constantly feeling during each day fear, worry, anger, sadness, etc.

Emotions can become a cause of illness only when they are particularly intense and especially when they are prolonged a long time and especially when they are not manifested or resolved.

It can happen to anyone, for example, to be in anger, but if this state of mind toward another individual lasts for a long time it can certainly become a cause of disease of the hepatobiliary compartment. Traditional Chinese Medicine considers emotions not only as a cause of disease but also as a symptom. In practice, it is important to distinguish these cases in order to be able to treat the patient especially in chronic problems and especially for the prevention of future organic problems.


Concern affects both the Spleen-Pancreas and the Lungs.

Especially when the subject is forced to eat in a hurry and circumspect manner for fear that someone else will take food from them, a rather common occurrence in kittens or kennels.

Despite the fact that these are really very common symptoms, it is essential not to neglect the situation, trying to fully understand what is behind this loss of energy balance that affects not only the physical but also the emotional sphere. Not infrequently, in fact, there is a general state of restriction denoted by emotional tension, depression, lack of inspiration and unwarranted sadness.

Great Chinese Medicine explains what the connection is between the state of emotional pain and disorders related to the respiratory tract and intestines.

What is the purpose of the Metal Meridian?

“I release everything that no longer serves me to welcome positive changes in my life.”

The problems encountered when the Metal Meridian loses its balance can be many:

  • Respiratory disorders (asthma, bronchitis, cough, inflamed throat and sinusitis)
  • Disorders of the lymphatic system
  • Lack of inspiration
  • Learning difficulties

The benefits that Alchemical Essence Vibrational Metal Element brings are related to breathing and digestion:

  • Lung Meridian – Enthusiasm
    The use of this essence is essential for enthusiasm and the ability to live with presence in each moment. It is vital for each of us to be active to achieve our future goals and to leave the past behind.
    The essence with Metal sounds is invaluable for bringing you to live and savor the present, moment by moment.
  • Large Intestine Meridian – Letting go
    This meridian deals with everything inherent in letting go at a deeper level. The large intestine is the key to hydration, integration and moisture in the body. Where the lungs take in air, the large intestine removes moisture in the body. The material that enters the intestines is dehydrated.
    The essence with Metal sounds facilitates the transition at all levels, physical, mental, emotional and spiritual.