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Meridian Sovereign Fire

Laughter is enough to express what is in your Heart!

Laughter does not mean being unserious!

Laughter is a fantastic ability of human beings, innate in each of us even if, sometimes, we happen to forget its importance. Scientific studies have shown the beneficial effect that healthy laughter can have on the brain and the entire organism.

“Laughter” is considered by society to be an exclusive act of playful moments and entertainment, and it takes an overly positive view of seriousness and the predisposition to live in an exaggeratedly composed manner.
It is merely a cliché: seriousness is thought to be synonymous with constancy, reliability and responsibility, while laughter is often confused with excessive lightness and superficiality.
Knowing how to laugh even in tense situations, downplaying and lightening the emotional load is a valuable quality that allows you to be flexible and see the world from a different, more positive point of view.
Nowadays it happens that it is difficult to find many situations to laugh about, but precisely because it is less easy than usual for a laugh to come to you, you will have to start cultivating situations as a valuable asset, leaving pessimism aside.
Laughter is an act of emotional response to an external stimulus, representing surprise, joy and excitement. Physically, one changes the rhythm of one’s breathing, one’s teeth uncover, one’s eyes moisten, and, as a good BBC article writes, one makes a lot of strange primitive noises.
Joy, or lack thereof, are the emotions that have the greatest effect on the Fire element. When the Heart Meridian is well balanced and functioning, it will be easier to experience joy in your life.
Eastern philosophy suggests that the heart is the master of the voice, that is, it controls its use by influencing it according to the emotional state. Joy in the voice feels like laughter in the background, the same goes for all kinds of emotions.

What is the purpose of the Sovereign Fire Meridian?

In the Five Elements Theory, Fire consists of 4 meridians divided into Sovereign Fire and Minister Fire.
The Sovereign Fire meridian is associated with the Heart meridian and the Small Intestine meridian. The sound associated with this element is laughter.
Why is it important to keep it in balance?
If the energy of the heart is weak, heart disorders, palpitations, states of anxiety or general fatigue may occur.
The small intestine also plays a key role as it is responsible for taking the nutritive part of the food making it available to the bloodstream. The symptoms of a weak small intestine and result in states of anxiety, excessive control of emotions by the brain, lack of joy, pessimism and sadness. Physically, one may experience problems with chronic constipation or diarrhea. Having this meridian full of health and vitality allows you to approach life with joy, releasing feelings and living them fully.

The benefits that Sovereign Fire Element Alchemical Vibrational Essence brings:

  • Heart – Transmits knowledge
    The heart is a pump that functions electrically the electrical fibrillations are easily interrupted, the essence aims to regulate and strengthen the tissues and electrical conductivity in the Heart.
  • Small Intestine – Beneficial Assimilation
    The Essence with Sounds for the Small Intestine Meridian will create an interface that allows only information that is beneficial to pass through to be assimilated; it acts as an intelligently discerning filter or grid, constantly opening and closing to ideas, emotions or food.