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Simbolo dell'infinito, 8 rovesciato

Infinity and Figure 8

In each of our energy systems there are figure-8 patterns.

They move from the widest reach of our aura, to the deepest part of our fundamental energy matrix.Donna Eden calls this energy system ‘Celtic Weave’, from the incredible Celtic knotwork imagery that holds the figure 8 at the centre of her spiralling, interconnected patterns.

To understand your energetic anatomy, this is an essential piece of the big puzzle.

These figure 8s, in fact, are absolutely embedded in every energy system you have.
You see them in the DNA double helix, they run through the meridians, they weave through the chakras and our aura is the most intricate and dynamic Celtic knot image you could ever wish to see.

The 8 intertwine vertically, horizontally, some are so small you can barely make them out and the largest goes from under our feet to above our heads in one big movement.
They are 3D and 2D moving according to their own specific rhythm (some fast, some slower).
They are amazing!

So what do all these 8 figures do?

They have two main purposes:

  1. To connect.
  2. To carry information.

The pattern in Figure 8 connects within the individual energy systems, but it is also the connection between the individual energy systems.
It is like the glue that holds the energy systems together.
It is also vital for connecting left and right, front and back, and upper and lower parts of our body.
One of the key actions in educational kinesiology (Brain Gym) is to have children wave their arms in big 8s, and another key way to work with children who are dyslexic is to have them draw 8s on a large piece of paper with both hands at the same time.
It can also be great to do the figure 8 over the eyes as we tend to hold or lose the pattern of the crossed figure 8 along the midline, so making sure that the figure 8 is strong can help to ensure that your neurological processing remains healthy and that you can stay in your centre rather than dispersing energetically.

So, we have seen how the 8s connect.

But how do they transport information?

The 8s are like the worker bees in your energy bodies.
Silver 8s in your systems that fly through your energy bodies.
They contain an energy pattern of light that they continuously activate and strengthen.
This pattern informs both the physical and energy body of its healthiest and most vibrant state and every time you work with the figure 8 you are helping to activate and strengthen this pattern of health as well.

The 8 also works to process information between the different levels: cognitive, physical, emotional and spiritual.

Elder Murdena Marshall, of First Nation, told me that the longest journey any of us must ever take is the journey from the head to the heart.
It is the figure eight that carries information between the head (cognitive level) and the heart (emotional and spiritual).

Since what happens in your energy bodies influences what happens in your physical body, working with the figure 8 is a great way to help your tissues heal.
If you have an injury such as a cut, wound or burn, drawing the figure 8 in the energy field over the injury (not on the skin but a few centimetres above) improves the connectivity of the skin, tissue and muscles, thus literally weaving the body structure back together.