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How to use Essences with Sounds for your personal growth

The Essences with Colours and Sounds are one of the most extraordinary systems available today, offering wellness vibrations in five dimensions of the body.


The discovery of essences with sounds

The Essences were discovered in 1998 by a Canadian researcher who, during an experimental course, discovered that when she transmitted the note C to water, it turned red for an instant, even though it was pure water.

This discovery opened up new horizons for her, new possibilities for healing through informed water, never thought of before. The studies continued for over 15 years and a series of essences with sounds, flowers, colours, crystals were formulated as vibrational remedies for the well-being of body, mind and spirit.

The magic of water

Water is truly a sacred element.

It has been revered by civilisations for hundreds of years. It has remarkable properties and it is by exploring these properties that we can better understand how, by incorporating vibrations, it helps us nourish and maintain the energy of our body.

Our energy body is the structure of our physical body and imbalances in the energy field manifest themselves in the physical body.

Water is the lifeblood of the universe, which helps us keep our energy field (aura) in balance and carries messages from the Essences with Sounds, for our overall well-being.

The power of sound

Sound accompanies us every day of our lives, in various forms: voice, music, sound.

It has the power to influence our emotions in a positive or negative way.

There are sounds, such as the sound of traffic or sirens, that decrease our energy level.

It is very interesting to study sound because we are not only influenced by the sounds we hear, but also by other vibrations that our energy body absorbs from the environment, such as radio waves, microwaves and electromagnetic frequencies.

There are also sounds, such as that of crystal bells, that have the property of raising our energy level and, when we have the opportunity to experience this, something inside us changes forever, opening our minds to different life scenarios.

Essences with Sounds are created by imprinting specific notes for each type of essence and use alchemical formulas to accelerate processes. Indeed, alchemy has the power to transform a set of factors by taking them to a higher evolutionary level that allows us to share the experience with others.

The sound vibration contained in the essence is not audible to most people: only those with a high level of sensitivity may be able to feel it.

How the Essences are created

Essences with Sounds have been created to support people in their healing process and spiritual growth since 1998.

While many people still wonder how the essences work, others try them out and experience them with confidence.
We hope that once you experience Essences with Sounds, you will become aware of how they work to support you in whatever aspect you need.

Essences with Colour and Sound are infinitely more complex and profound than they appear at first glance.

Each system uses sounds that affect certain aspects:

Essences for Meridians

Essences for Meridians act on the physical level.o are created with tuning fork vibration and homeopathic herbs that support organs and glands.


The Chakra Essences

Chakra Essences formulated for the emotional body use frosted Tibetan bells combined with crystals, gems, aromatherapy, sacred geometry, symbols, colour and positive words. These provide seven vibrations for the seven senses of the seven chakras.
They influence on an emotional level

The Aura Essences

They are programmed with chords of notes, sacred geometry fused together with flower essences, gemstones and various vibrations that match the auric field band acting on a mental level.


The Essences of the Heart

They are programmed with alchemical crystal bowls, bejewelled water and fairy essences from Ireland. They are essences for intuition.


The Essences of the Archangels

Are programmed with mixed Meridian Tones and Chakra Notes and offer a connection with the archangel hologram. They give benefits on a spiritual level.

Each individual bottle is a unique and precious alchemical combination whose effects are technically and scientifically tested and proven.

How to use Essences for unblocking and personal growth

Using vibrational remedies is often a journey of self-discovery and self-healing.

Essences work in the 5 dimensions of the energy field, and from this level they influence the well-being of the physical body, mind and spirit.

If our body does not communicate properly with our energy pattern, an overall incoherent resonance effect is generated, leading to a state of general confusion.

When you use vibrational remedies, such as Essences with Sounds, you allow your energy to flow freely around you, you feel more awake, more aware and activate the divine part within you.


The purpose of Essences with Sounds is not only well-being and healing, but also to awaken your awareness to give you a balance in life.

For a fast and absolutely effective effect, you need to use the specific remedy for each level, so the optimal use is to use 5 essences together.

Each essence has a specific function and purpose. You can choose the essence by following the descriptions, or you can get advice from one of our experts.

How to use them?

You can use them by spraying them on your head from 1 to a maximum of 4 times a day, for a period of 4 to 6 weeks, or better still, until you feel you have achieved the desired effect.

Each person is different and responds to stimulation at different times. The Essences enable you to stabilise energy loss while the physical body activates its natural healing processes.

When it is certain that they work

Essences support the body’s innate intelligence to heal itself.
When you are hurt, offended, grieved, stricken, you can call upon their therapeutic power:


  • these elements represent a real assault at every level and create an energy overload.
    Essences have the function of initiating a regeneration process;

  • when you have pain or a feeling of heaviness in your head.
    A headache indicates that there is something out of balance in the body.
    The Essences bring the energy back into balance in the system, allowing the body to restore balance;


  • when there is a change in life, such as a job change, a new home or a change in relationships, such as a birth, or a child leaving home.
    Both positive and negative changes create an alteration of the emotional field and an overload of emotional circuits.
    Essences help you re-establish circuits and stabilise emotions;

  • when you are in a challenging moment, such as a job interview, a court case, an important meeting, an exam or presentation, or a sports competition;

  • when you have a therapeutic session to help yourself, or a self-healing treatment with the aim of initiating a change towards positive thinking, and evolving life.

What happens when you use Essences with Sounds?

Generally, changes are noticed within a period of 2 to 6 weeks.
Some people, who are more sensitive, may also notice immediate effects. Essences work on the level of subtle energies, so the change may not be immediately perceived.

People generally change attitudes or attitudes by adopting new behaviours, removing emotional blocks or resistance.

Essences were created to support the forces of the soul to reactivate evolution and wisdom to face life’s challenges.

They help summon healing forces and are your allies and guides on life’s journey.

Do not understand them as an immediate remedy that eliminates uncomfortable situations, use them to support your vibrational leap of evolution.