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Essential oils encoded with colour energy

Based on the Chakra system

Essential oils are divided into two types.

The first, whose chemical molecules can be inhaled and penetrate our body through the skin.

The second are of the vibrational type, which means that the odours they produce arrive and act on us without the molecules reaching our noses.

Since aroma exists in its vibrational form, all essential oils have their own subtle vibration that can be equated with a colour.
And every colour carries aromatherapeutic messages (a correlation that has long been recognised by ancient healing systems).
This is probably why we often associate a smell with a colour and vice versa.

Sunlight is our greatest source of energy and within the rays of the sun are the coloured energies of the rainbow.
Plants are nourished by the sun and capture the light from the rays by blocking their life energy.
They take the vibratory pattern of the light waves, which, if properly preserved, nourish us with their colour-encoded essence.
Essential oils contain vibratory elements, i.e. the true essence of the plant.

Colour and aroma are an integral part of essential oils, which thus become a means of introducing vibrational healing into our system.

On a vibrational level, different oils are akin to our body parts with which they naturally resonate. The vibration of essential oils does not permeate our aura, but rather that of the chakra system and the network of meridians that connect various parts of our bodies and organs.

When you understand that essential oils resonate at a particular frequency, it will then be easier to choose an oil based on its healing power, because of its being encoded with colour energy and therefore connected to colour itself.

Often the frequency of an essential oil is attributed according to natural healing processes.
However, to make things simpler, we colour-code all our essential oils (as well as our other products) according to the chakra system.

These essential oils are contained in purple glass bottles: the only biophotonic packaging that preserves and amplifies their benefits.