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Colour Chakra – Synergistic mixtures of essential oils

These special blends contain 100% pure essential oils that are free of additives, chemical fragrances and preservatives. They are in a base of Jojoba Oil, which allows the application directly on the skin, without creating allergies and promotes the absorption of oils in the body in less than 12 seconds.

They can be used by everyone, adults and children.

Their delicate aroma is synonymous with high quality. Colour Chakra blends are an exclusive product, since the criterion used, which makes them unique, is not only the aromatherapy aspect, but the color vibration they emit, which has an effect on a physical, mental and emotional, regardless of the aroma.

Each blend contains 2-3 essential oils, with identical properties, which create a synergy and enhance the beneficial effect. Colour Chakra blends allow you to have a deeper experience than using a single oil.

Each Colour Chakra blend is associated with a chakra, depending on the color. They give energy to the chakras and affect their vibrational state, simply rubbing 5 or 6 drops directly on the areas of the body at the chakras themselves.

The multiple benefits and ways of using the product:

On the body at the Chakras

The prevalent use of Colour Chakra mixtures are to be used at each individual chakra, putting 6/7 drops on the part of the body that corresponds to that chakra, on the areas of the hands and feet corresponding, according to reflexology, to the chosen chakra.

Crown Chakra/Head Top ………………. Purple Energy
Brow Chakra/Third Eye ………………. Indigo Energy
Throat Chakra………………. Blue Energy
Heart Chakra………………. Green Energy
Solar Plexus Chakra ……………….Yellow Energy
Spleen Chakra ………………. Orange Energy
Root Chakra ………………. Red Energy

Use them in the bathroom with Color Water to combine chromotherapy and aromatherapy

It is advisable to add a few drops, as desired, to the Water of Color of the same color, to create a synergistic effect. In addition to making the bath more pleasant, thanks to the delicate aroma, the oils are absorbed by the body both through the skin and by inhalation. Each oil thus increases the relaxing or stimulating and wellness properties of the color bath. Colour Chakra blends are effective even when used in foot baths.

Chrompuncture and Meridians

The mixtures Colour Chakra, can be used in drops to revitalize the functions of the body, Mettine a drop on the reference meridian, similar to the use of chromo pens.

Other ways of use:

  • For face and body: add 15 drops of mixture every 100 ml of carrier oil from massage or natural cream;
    On the crystals: put a few drops on a crystal to amplify the vibration of the mixture or for crystal therapy treatments;
  • Perfume for environments: put 10-15 drops of mixture every 100 ml of distilled water in a spray bottle; or add 7/8 drops to your room scenter in terracotta or water.
  • Body Fragrance: The Orange blend contains Neroli, which is a very sensual fragrance, the Rose blend contains Rose Oil, from the divine perfume, the violet contains Jasmine, which is very aphrodisiac.
  • Regenerating hair: add 15 drops Colour Chakra Purple in 100 ml of natural shampoo.
  • Perfumer fabrics/ cabinets: put a few drops of essential oil on a fabric or cotton and store in drawers to perfume the linen or in the closet. The colour Chakra Purple and Orange promote a good sleep.
  • Humidifier radiators: added 7/8 drops of your essence in the water pan of the humidifier on the radiators and you will get environments with a pleasant natural scent. In winter you can use essences like eucalyptus or mint to combat cooling symptoms.
  • Vacuum cleaner: put 3/4 drops of the fragrance you prefer in the filter of your vacuum cleaner and while removing the dust clean and disinfect the air.
  • Dryer: put 7/8 drops on a piece of fabric and put it in your dryer, you will have scented linen!

Remedies and indications should in no way replace the advice of the attending physician or other healthcare specialists.