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Bath Tips with BLUE Color Water

Bathing in the energy of the BLUE colour is simply a heavenly experience. It is something so enlightening, pure and enjoyable that everyone could feel as if they were acquiring a new awareness of everything around them.

It is understandable that both the BLUE, the colour of the sea and the sky, and the GREEN, the colour of forests, trees and grass, are the main colours for the planet. Both give, in fact, serenity, clarity and love, in addition to the necessary substances that allow life to exist. They are the colors of peace. They eliminate toxins and emit healing power. They contain good thoughts and principles and spread good vibrations.

Taking a bath with BLUE Water you will see your mind clear, your logical and analytical sense will sharpen, you will strengthen your honesty and truth finally, you will see mental stress subside and subside. You will attain inner stillness and perceive your threshold of attention as empowered and appropriate to circumstances.

The bath in the BLUE Water is suitable for different occasions, it can be a morning bath, as well as a refreshing and relaxing bath when you feel the need to regain calm. It is also suitable as a refreshing bath when you need to recharge mentally, or as an evening bath to find serenity before bedtime.

But remember what the magic formula is: be aware of what you want, never take a bath in the Water of Color without having a purpose. Remember that colors are life, they have their own characteristics and are here to help you. Ask and you will be given, as the Bible says, and believing in something has saved many people. Knowing what you want means you’ve already won half the battle.

Tips for the bath
If you choose to bathe in BLUE, know that there are several things that can have beneficial effects, especially if you are dealing with the first flu or cold symptoms.
BLUE is the color associated with the neck, throat and voice. The latter is our main tool, so it should be kept clear and clear.

Give yourself a BLUE bath if you need to strengthen your voice and sing freely while taking a bath. The BLUE color energy loves to listen to itself. There are also other important aspects that underlie, for example your ability to present yourself by bringing out the best in you. The ability to master belongs to the energy of the BLUE color, for which it is not important what you have learned, but the fact that everyone can achieve results in something. Thus, it stimulates all the energies of color that reside within us, trying to bring out the talents of each one.

When you decide to take a bath, make sure you get a pure BLUE: if you pour too much product the BLUE tends to become a little dark, while, if you pour too little, it turns into the BLUE of peace and serenity, useful in case you need to relax and have calm around you. It can also be a great evening bath, as the BLUE exerts a purifying action, ideal before bedtime. In this way you can get rid of all the tensions accumulated during the day and face in total freshness the following day.

The BLUE bathroom is suitable for those who have difficulties in communicating openly and clearly. Take a bath and talk, read it out loud. You’ll soon notice the difference.

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