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Water element – Opening up space for lighting


Live up to every situation, get a sense of inner peace!

Essence with meridian sounds Acqua balances the kidney and bladder meridians, constituting a filter for purification of emotions, for a greater clarity at all levels

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Emotions Fear / Anxiety.

Focus on yourself and answer these questions. Find out if your meridian is in balance:

• Do you have patience?

• Can you trust others?

• Are you uncritical?

• Do you live without secrets?

• Do you have resistance?

• Do you have strong and healthy bones?

• Do you have fluidity in body movement and in your thinking?

If you have answered no to some of these questions,  you need to act to balance your meridian!

Essence with sounds for water meridians physically supports kidneys, bladder, urinary system, hormonal function, reproduction, pH balance, growth and development.

The Kidney Meridian

A balance in this meridian facilitates the process of transforming instincts into conscious thoughts.

The Meridian Bladder

This meridian deals with the issue of control and release. It does not lead to awareness or consciousness, but it facilitates the release of negative emotions and opens up space to illumination.

Essence with meridian sounds Water balances the two meridians, constituting a filter for purification of emotions, for a greater clarity at all levels.

The balance of the two meridians is essential to let go the fear that prevents you from fully participating in the creative expression and in all the adventures of your life. You will feel as if you were at the same time the center and the periphery of the world, no longer feeling that sensation of living without a purpose. You will feel a sense of inner peace and gain confidence in your knowledge.

What are Essences with Revitalizing Sounds for Meridians

The use of the Revitalizing Essences of the Meridians generates magical effects when used on the dualistic nature of the meridians. The Essences with Meridian Sounds support the physical aspect of the meridian through the vibration of the subtle energies of the herbs and support the etheric aspect with the vibration of the sound.


Instructions for use

Type: alchemy spray essences

Size: 60 ml

Fragrance: delicate light scent

Instructions: use the Meridian Vitalizer Essence simply vaporizing it around yourself once or twice a day so that the benefits fall to the body. To be used at least 21 days.

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