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Colour Chakra Purple – Purifies thoughts to enhance creativity and feelings


Turn on your creativity and color the world!

Color Purple Chakra develops your highest intelligence, tuning into the frequency of the purple intelligence

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Color Chakra Viola gives you a sense of LIBERATION.

This special blend works on the 7th chakra, with this essential oil you will have a clear vision of life and your path, giving you at the same time a sense of great expansion and liberation.

Your creativity will be enhanced and you will be able to color the world. Color Purple Chakra develops your highest intelligence, tuning into the frequency of the purple intelligence.

Color chakra VIOLA contains the essential oils of Lavender and Jasmine already diluted in Jojoba oil to not irritate the skin.

Use it daily to get deep benefits!

Physical benefits:

Color Chakra Viola is perfect against cystitis pains and to keep hair healthy and strong. This essential oil is a natural anti-inflammatory, you can use it anywhere (bruises, muscle aches, bruises). Great against irritability, neuroses and nervousness, as well as to help you to sleep.

Emotional / mental / spiritual benefits:

Color Chakra Violet allow you to have a clear vision of what to do in life. You will feel open to others, feeling peace and serenity sensations. Your intelligence will be enhanced by improving your ability to understand more complex concepts. The essential oil coded on the frequency of Viola will increase your perceptive and introspective faculties, giving a sense of expansion of your Being.

Mode of use:

On the body: rub a few drops, as desired, on the area of ​​the body that corresponds to the 7th Chakra, on the top of the head. You can also rub the mixture on the areas of the hands or feet that correspond to the 7th Chakra. Gently massage the affected points.

In the rooms: you can add 6/7 drops of essential oil to your essence diffuser, in the radiator humidifier bowl, in the vacuum cleaner or in the cabinets.

It is advisable to use the product for at least 2 consecutive weeks, in the evening, because the body’s energy system needs time to recharge. However, our natural products can be used whenever the need arises.

Color Coded Essential Oils

Color Chakra Oil is a blend of essential oils that vibrate with the energetic frequency of color, designed to energize the Body, Mind and Soul. The synergistic purpose of the mixture is to combine oils that vibrate on the same frequency, to increase and intensify the desired effect, amplifying its power also using oils coded on the same frequency as the respective colors.

Unique biophotonic packaging

Chromotherapeutic essential oils, are not like other oils you find on the market, they are formulated to be in frequency with reference colors. This allows you to get the benefits very quickly compared to other products. The purple glass container ensures that the high vibration is maintained over time, increasing the benefits and effectiveness over time.

Our world is full of wonders. Even with all the impressive scientific discoveries, so much still remains unknown. Experience the miracle of purple glass yourself and be amazed by what we cannot yet explain.

Protects the biophotonic activity of products stored in the bottle

Biophotons are the light emitted by living tissue. ‘Bio’ in Greek means life and ‘photon’ means light. According to biophoton research, measuring the biophotonic output of a food or supplement is a more accurate measure of the quality and essence of life. Our bodies absorb photons from sunlight through our eyes, skin and also through sunlight-enriched nutrition. As natural products absorb solar energy, the increased level of photons is a good indication of the vitality and quality of products.

More specifically, violet glass allows 25%-45% light penetration in the 380-420 nanometer range (violet and UVA frequency) and about 60% penetration in the 730-1050 nanometer range (infrared frequency). These parts of the light spectrum energize the organic molecules of the products stored inside.

Because many of today’s products are processed and often full of preservatives, they contain very few or no biophotons. These products do not contain energy levels that are beneficial to living cells. PURPLE GLASS also acts as a barrier, preventing the loss of biophotons from the product stored within it. Purple glass is the only known glass that offers this important protection, ensuring that the odor, color, bioenergy and other properties of your product remain longer. Tests have shown that products stored in in purple glass retain their distinctive qualities for long periods of time.

Energetic effects of purple glass

The magnificent purple color of the bottle is the result of a patented mixture of mineral oxides and silica. Just as a magnet emits energy–in a fraction of a second–and organizes the needles so that they face the same direction, so the bioenergy of purple glass appears more coherently and powerfully ordered.

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