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4th Chakra – Green Tone


Vibrational Essence Green Tone 4th Chakra  

Balance – Love – Self-control

Use this essence when you want to regain your balance and place in life and community.

A Heart energy field is essential, to build a peaceful life, to grow emotionally, to move to the frequency where the “right” things happen spontaneously.

Vibrational Essence Green Tone 4th Chakra  

Balance – Love – Self-control


The characteristic of the balanced Heart Chakra is to act with the strongest energy we have, Love combined with a feeling of compassion for others.

The Heart Chakra is all about unity, peace, and unconditional love, hope, forgiveness, compassion, and generosity.

If your Heart Chakra opens, so will your ability to connect with your Higher Self. In this way you will radiate love and understanding.

The person with a balanced Heart Chakra exudes human warmth, sincerity and happiness, and has a strong connection to everything in life. He loves with ease and feels compassion with a sincere willingness to help. This person puts their soul into everything they do and their unconditional love is very evident, as they are able to see the potential in everything. 

Note F supports on a physical level the heart, blood, circulation, lungs, rib cage, skin and upper back.

The only line of vibrational essences for the chakras that works on the Main Chakras (TONS) and the connecting bridges between each Chakra (SEMITONS).

Evolved Alchemical Line for the rebalancing of the Chakra system, created to rebalance the Main Chakras (TONE) and the link/communication ring between one Chakra and the other (SEMITON). You can buy the products as a couple (recommended solution) or as one (Activate chat for help).

The simplest and most effective way to rebalance the body is through the use of COLORS and SOUNDS. Life is colors and sounds and they bring life to the earth. Sound can be used to interact with other energies and often augments or amplifies the energies with which it is infused. Colors and sounds help restore balance, relieve pain, and accelerate healing of the body.

Essences are vibrational remedies that work on subtle energies, created with the healing vibration of sound from crystal bells, whole notes and semitones of the harmonic scale, including the equivalent color.

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