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Yoga Energy


Regenerating Spray for Yoga, Fitness,Meditation. Activate Kundalini Energy, aligning and purifying all Chakras

Yoga Energy

This incredible Alchemy Essence was created to awaken the Kundalini (Serpent) energy. Often our vital energy lies dormant at the base of the spine until it is called into action.

The Yoga Energy Essence will help lift your Kundalini up the spine, invigorating all of the physical Chakras together with their appropriate colour energy frequencies, thus allowing you to utilize and access your higher levels of consciousness to attain enlightenment.

Excellent for yoga and meditation.
This spray Essence can also help to bring about a deep alignment of all the chakras, releasing any hindrances that may be retarding your growth.

Instructions for use

Type: Natural Harmonizers in whole vibrational spectrum measured by quantum physics

Fragrance: Light and delicate fragrance

Available spray package: 100 ml />
Instructions: Mist around yourself for the benefits accruing to the body. The benefits of the essences are immediate, however you need a period of 4-6 weeks of using the product to consolidate the cellular memories.

When to use Yoga Energy

Use it before starting your Fitness Yoga or Meditation activity,

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