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Turquoise coloured vibrational water


Colored liquid preparation to be diluted into water bathtube

The 7 basic colors of the rainbow represent the basis of human evolution and accompany the whole of life, the highest spiritual colors support personal growth, refinement, and support and accompany us only for a lifetime.
These colors are self-generating, they are not reconciled with complementary colors, but draw from all their energies all their energies to find their balance and their own way.

The development of the spiritual level uses the psychic sphere as the main expression channel of soul and spirituality. They are indicative of a special love for the human being, a love capable of transmitting to the spirituality of the individual, providing help in resolving unresolved inner situations. The spiritual sphere interacts with the other levels, mental, physical and emotional, interacting with the various levels of consciousness. Spiritual levels can easily get rid of the waste accumulated over time and bring with you, re-balancing your conscience to allow the elevation of each individual.

TURQUOISE SPIRITUAL – led to the opening of the heart, it gives well-being, tranquility, freedom, bliss. It gives depth and naturalness in the breath and frees the head from congestion.
The bathroom spiritual turquoise is combined with Essence Sounds Arcangelo Gabriele.

The colour Turquoise stimulates the ability to express themselves and our emotions in an open and sincere way. Turquoise has the affection of the green and the expression of the blue. Turquoise strengthens the immune system by developing a protective barrier against harmful bacteria and viruses and reduces toxins. In color therapy turquoise is combined with the drainage of fluid (swelling) and tissue regeneration. It helps skin regeneration.

Water color is available in size of 130 ml (5/6 baths

Type: product for the body.

Fragrance: odorless, it does not contain any type of fragrance

Tips for the bath with Pink Colour Water

Use the Turquoise energy to substain the ability of express yourself! This energy increases the ability to speak to the heart or, to be more precise, to communicate using the vast intelligence of the heart. The development of Turquoise intelligence strengthens both the concentration and the ability to control the words harmoniously composing a speech, allowing free expression and empathy, which goes directly to people’s heart .Add to the bath 2 cups of Sound Essence Archangel Gabriel for reaching an higher spiritual state.

It is recommended to have 2/3 baths a week for about six weeks, or as needed. Suitable for people of all ages.


Colour Water is composed of non-toxic organic substances, and the pigments are formed from the elements oxygen, hydrogen, nitrogen and carbon. When these elements are mixed together we are able to see the color (similar to the rainbow). The colour water is composed of pure filtered water, coconut oil and glycerine from colors approved by the European Union. The colour bath is made up of high quality raw materials and it contains no animal origin products, metals, chemicals, coal or petroleum. The product contains no chemical colors but only organic colors.

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