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Essence Awaken Love


Would you like to live a new season of Love? this is the right essence for you!
Awaken Love has been created to make room in your heart for a new season of love, because the most beautiful love is the one that awakens the soul and that makes us want to go higher.

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Heart Healing Essence – Awaken Love 

A love affair, which marks the end of a relationship, can prove to be truly devastating, especially when it leaves you there alone on a pier of life, wondering what went wrong.

Disappointment in love brings with it the fear of not having the strength to move on, and the need to protect, by running away from love, a heart that seems unable to bear the pain caused by a partner slamming the door and leaving.

But that is what I want to focus on: giving you the tools to learn how to overcome love disappointment.

In every romantic relationship we experience we may run the risk of being disappointed in the other person, but we also have the opportunity to learn more about ourselves.

Overcoming love disappointments, even when you are well aware that the romantic relationship you were experiencing was not destined to go far, is never a simple and straightforward step to take.

This essence supports the heart’s energy field, infusing a clear vibration of love that awakens the soul, and will make you want to reach higher and bring peace to your mind.

Awaken Love helps you to TUNE back to the frequency of love. Emotions never grow old, they simply slumber under disappointments, sadness and false beliefs. Awaken Love helps you dissolve fears and disappointments.  It allows you to feel your Heart young and full of Vitality. It helps you overcome ego, and appreciate others while appreciating yourself.

Namaste: Love in me honors love in you.

Why does it work Awaken Love?

The essence Awaken Love supports you if you want to leave your native home and family and enter a new life built with your partner. It helps you realize new ideas and embark on new beginnings. It helps you awaken enthusiasm and vitality, embracing sexuality, a sense of Self, and expressing emotions without reservation. It expands sensitivity and loving-kindness within yourself and toward each other.

Awaken Love represents new beginnings, toward a peaceful and fulfilling life, a leap into the 4th dimension where love exists and is no longer a chimera.

How does it work on a physical level?

The essence opens the bridge connecting Heart and the Indigo Emotional Intelligence governed by the Pineal Gland, the Third Eye Chakra and the Celestial Body allowing you to take a leap on the frequency of the C# chord.  This chord regulates your vital state, releases emotional energies that slow down the functioning of the lower back, ovaries, prostate, uterus, testicles, bladder and kidneys.

What are the ingredients?
The product was structured by combining the frequencies coming from tuning forks and crystal bubbles with the deep knowledge of homeopathy, color, crystals and gemstones, sacred geometry, flower essences and aromatherapy; all to create a perfect blend for each of the 5 energy levels.

Crystals: Amethyst, Gold, Rose Quartz

Essences: Fireweed, Goatbeard, Harvest Lily, Peace Dove, Peace Fairy

Essence essential oils: blue chamomile, lavender, mandarin, patchouli, sweet orange, ylang ylang

How to use.

60 ml spray format with delicate fragrance:
Spray the essence with 4/5 sprays, 10 cm above the head, 2 times a day for 4 weeks. Keep away from heat sources and electronic devices (TV, cell, pc).
For external use only. Not suitable for children under 5 years of age.

Essences of the Heart

Begin your Heart Healing journey NOW, starting with the essence you think is best for you, but don’t forget to progressively use them all, because love is made up of 7 distinct colors, but all together they CREATE LIGHT.

Essences are quick and effective in bringing about desired results. Many emotional discomforts are due to an imbalance in the energy system. Essences are a valuable aid in getting out of thought forms that keep you from living well. Vibrational remedies bring you into the flow of where you want to go because the vibration of sound can instantly shift your frequency.

Have you ever noticed that when YOU FEEL GOOD…GOOD things happen to you?

What seemed impossible yesterday is possible today. AWAKEN your creative power and fill your future with Color.

The essences are in line with Bruce Lipton’s findings that by improving the frequency field of the environment, balanced health can be achieved.

The Essences of the Heart won the international award for Best Visionary Product!

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