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Pink Spiritual Colour Bath


Colored liquid preparation to be diluted into water

PINK is the color of Universal Love, Grace and Altruism, Unity, Cosmic Connection, Spiritual Energy, and is the color that allows you to connect with your soul and know the true purpose of your life.

SPIRITUAL PINK – is the beginning, the fresh start for your life, it instills a special love for human nature, elevation from material life. The Spiritual Pink bath is combined with the Essence with Sounds Archangel Uriel.

The pink bath helps to express love on a Cosmic, Universal level, supporting Unconditional Love for oneself and others. Pink helps you understand where you are in life.

It helps to remember the purpose for which we are here and reconnects us to life’s resolutions with the Love and support of the Universe. Helps eliminate feelings of feeling unworthy or worthless. It helps to release feelings of impatience, irritability and anger.

 In color therapy, pink is associated with the female psyche, with the maintenance of youth, in fact it has been known since ancient times for its anti-aging properties.

Acqua di Colore is a vibrational remedy formulated in a liquid preparation to be diluted in water, natural, suitable for all age groups, it is extremely pleasant and regenerating.


The 7 basic colors of the rainbow represent the basis of human evolution and accompany us throughout our lives.
accompany us throughout our lives, the higher spiritual colors are of support to personal growth, refinement and support and accompany us only for a period of life.
These colors are self-healing, they do not rebalance with complementary colors, but draw from their own color all the energy to find their own balance and their own way.

The development of the spiritual level, uses as its main channel of expression the psychic sphere of the soul and spirituality.
of the soul and spirituality. They are indicative of a special love for the human being, a love that can be transmitted to the spirituality of the individual, providing help for the resolution of unresolved inner situations. The spiritual sphere interacts with the other levels, mental, physical and emotional, interacting with the various levels of consciousness. The spiritualI levels can easily free you from the waste accumulated over time and take you with them, rebalancing the consciousness to allow the elevation of each individual

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