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Essence Forgiveness – Frees the Heart from the wounds of betrayal, abandonment, separation


Free the Heart from emotional chains, if you feel stuck in life this is the right remedy for you.

The essence works on themes of abandonment, betrayal, physical or emotional abuse of any kind.

Forgiveness is a remedy that shows you what you are really capable of.
When we hold back forgiveness, the energy in our heart is blocked.

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Heart Healing Essence Forgiveness

Forgiveness will make you happy and invincible

Wouldn’t you like to find out what you are really capable of? Understanding how to forgive helps free you from the emotional chains of betrayal, abandonment, separation.  Why not free yourself ?

Forgiveness is a remedy that shows you what you are truly capable of.
When we withhold forgiveness, the energy in our heart gets stuck. The forgiveness remedy helps us assimilate life experience and frees us to look at reality through the window of the Heart, dissolving hypocrisy.
Initially, learning to cultivate and accept ourselves and build self-esteem is a path toward the soul’s understanding of its own sacredness and divinity.
Once realized, we naturally shift our attention to the world around us, learning to accept differences and recognize the good in others. We come to understand that love has no limits; it is an infinite resource, available to all, at all times.
This understanding promotes unconditional love and helps us stay centered in our hearts. Forgiveness offers the sacred gift of unity.

How you will feel as you use it:

Betrayals, abandonments, and separations are deep wounds, affecting every aspect of life. You feel unable to love again and often even unable to believe in love itself. A gash opens in your self-esteem, guilt sets in, as if you were incapable or only your fault. What we call a wound is an energetic hole, which the essence begins to repair day by day, until you stop feeling that weight in your heart, that sense of affliction, and resume breathing life fully!  .

When we withhold forgiveness, the energy in our heart is blocked. Forgiveness is the sacred gift of unity. The essence opens a space of communication in your Heart. You can finally listen to your wounds, cuddle, understand yourself and understand how to FORGIVE, releasing the emotions that keep you from living your life peacefully.

What is the use of continuing to carry the burdens of what has happened? We cannot move toward the new if we are held by old chains. Forgiveness means healing our wounds with a balm composed of acceptance, peace and self-love, moving toward our own happiness.


Why does Forgiveness work?
The F# chord infused between the crystals and essences in the product, activate an intermediate energetic note that connects the Heart with the Blue Emotional intelligence, activating and expanding the brain area responsible for communicating with ourselves and seeking the truths that can make us free people. With the help of this vibration, you will also gain support from others and the universe. Things will happen the right way without too much pressure and without having to use your individual power.

How does it work on a physical level?

The essence opens the bridge of connection between the 4th, 5th and 1st chakras and the Etheric Matrix allowing you to jump on the frequency of the F# chord.  This chord regulates your vital state, releases emotional energies that slow down the functioning of the upper back, upper lungs, throat and neck.

What are the ingredients?
Crystals: Amethyst, Hyaline Quartz

Essences: Baby Blue Eyes, Grass Widow, Holly, Pine, Salal, Twin Flower, Whale, Unconditional Fairy Essence.

Essential oils: fennel, lemon, pine, white angelica, ylang ylang

How to use.
60 ml spray format with delicate fragrance:
Spray the essence with 4/5 sprays, 10 cm above the head, 2 times a day for 4 weeks. Keep away from heat sources and electronic devices (TV, cell, pc).
For external use only. Not suitable for children under 5 years of age.

Essences of the Heart

Begin your Heart Healing journey NOW, starting with the essence you think is best for you, but don’t forget to progressively use them all, because love is made up of 7 distinct colors, but all together they CREATE LIGHT.

Essences are quick and effective in bringing about desired results. Many emotional discomforts are due to an imbalance in the energy system. Essences are a valuable aid in getting out of thought forms that keep you from living well.
Vibrational remedies bring you into the flow of where you want to go because the vibration of sound can instantly shift your frequency.

Have you ever noticed that when YOU FEEL GOOD…GOOD things happen to you?

What seemed impossible yesterday is possible today. AWAKEN your creative power and fill your future with Color.

The essences are in line with Bruce Lipton’s findings that by improving the frequency field of the environment, balanced health can be achieved.

The Essences of the Heart won the international award for Best Visionary Product!


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