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Color Chakra Orange – stimulates enthusiasm and leads you to live in the present


Live life with enthusiasm!

Color Chakra Orange is your daily source of enthusiasm and creativity

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 Color Chakra Orange is your source of ENTHUSIASM.

Without enthusiasm life takes on gray, lazy and listless tones. When you are sad you tend to isolate yourself and not want to go out or be with your friends. Your creativity suffers and you lose the enthusiasm to take care of yourself and to be creative. Love also suffers, both from the point of view of emotional charge, and from the point of view of physical sensuality.

Every day we need a fair amount of enthusiasm to face life.

Color chakra ORANGE contains the essential oils of Orange, Neroli and Lemongrass already diluted in Jojoba oil to not irritate the skin.

Use it daily to get deep benefits!

Physical benefits:

Color Chakra Orange reactivates all the processes of physical healing, it optimizes the flow of water in the body, it improves menstrual flow, it fights water retention, lack of appetite and asthma. It eliminates scars, wrinkles and stretch marks. It improves blood oxygenation and promotes the formation of calcium for the bones.

Emotional / mental / spiritual benefits

With this essential oil you will be less emotionally unstable, freeing enthusiasm and creativity, increasing your sensuality.

Color Chakra Orange helps fight depression, eliminates emotional blockages and leads you to live in the here and now. You will be an inexhaustible source of enthusiasm and creativity.

Mode of use:

On the body: rub a few drops, as desired, on the area of ​​the body that corresponds to the 2nd Chakra, in the center of the abdomen (two fingers below the navel). You can also rub the mixture on the areas of the hands or feet that correspond to the 2nd Chakra. Gently massage the affected points.

In the rooms: you can add 6/7 drops of essential oil to your essence diffuser, in the radiator humidifier bowl, in the vacuum cleaner or in the cabinets.

We recommend using the product for at least 2 consecutive weeks because the body’s energy system needs time to recharge. However, our natural products can be used whenever the need arises.

Color Coded Essential Oils

Color Chakra Oil is a blend of essential oils that vibrate with the energetic frequency of color, designed to energize the Body, Mind and Soul. The synergistic purpose of the mixture is to combine oils that vibrate on the same frequency, to increase and intensify the desired effect, amplifying its power also using oils coded on the same frequency as the respective colors.


Instructions for use

Type: product for the body. Usable on chakra points or on the reflex points of the Meridians.

Product quality: the essential oils of the highest quality for private and professional use.

Size: 10 ml dropper bottle and 2 ml Vials- Traveler format.

Fragrance: a pleasant citrus scent.

Essential Oils: Orange, Lemon Grass & Neroli.

Oils are a wonderful concept because they allow the user to experience more of a “totality” than just using one oil. A synergy blend’s purpose is to take like-minded oils and put them together to increase or intensify a desired effect.

They contain 2-3 essential oils, with identical properties, which create a synergy and raise the vibrational cellular state in less than 12 seconds, simply by rubbing 5 or 6 drops directly on the areas of the body at the chakras or reflex points of the meridians. Mixtures Colour Chakra will unlock the energy centers and the memories locked in the body, at the speed of light.

Instructions for Use:

Place a few drops on your wrist, in a diffuser, on a tissue or pomander and place on your desk or in your car. To effectively balance the energy of the chakra, it is recommended to use the product for at least 21 consecutive days, in the morning, because the body’s energy system needs a time to recharge energy in body.However these natural products they can be used for all the time when you feel need.

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