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Guardian Angel – Reorganise the Protection process


Your Guardian Angel- Energy Protector- Alchemy Essence – 6th dimension vibrational remedy

Alchemy Essence – Guardian Angel

Guardian Angel Essence is made from living energies to facilitate human life to enjoy the exciting new dimensions of being. Guardian Angel is a powerful and precise vibrational preparation that has been formulated to strengthen the auric protective grid through its influence on all of your subtle bodies.

This deeper multi dimensional patterning encourages positive energetic response to any intrusive negative energy. Thus helping to release your consciousness from any negative

programmed response that could be restricting your progress. Guardian Angel reorganizes one’s protective processes, from the multi levels of consciousness within the cell to the higher levels of consciousness of our Cosmic Being! And by releasing lower frequency patterns from one’s energy field allows for one’s spirit to be uplifted.

Using Guardian Angel will support you in times of need as it allows your “helpers” to assist and support you!

The Essence Guardian Angel reorganizes its security process, starting from the physical-cellular system up to the highest levels of awareness of being:

– Call protective energies that support their evolutionary growth

– Strengthens its multi-dimensional protection system

– Helps to release negative energy charges filed in the subconscious

– Release low frequency energy in the Auric Field

– Raise your energy level by producing a better state of well-being

Instructions for use

ype: Alchemy vibrational liquid remedy

Fragrance: light and delicate fragrance

Package: roll on 10 ml with elegant graphic cover


Shake the Essence 21 times before use, apply it on the palms, wrists or neck. Rub the essence with both hands to evaporate the alcohol and inhale the aroma deeply three times: the first inhale allows the integration of the Essence vibration consciously; the second allows the assimilation on a subconscious level; the third combines the conscious and the subconscious in superconscio.Utilizzare the product for about 3 weeks. The use of the product has no contraindications, can be used for all the desired time period and be combined with other vibrational remedies.


• The Essence can be used whenever it is deemed necessary.
• It is advisable to seek the opinion of the treating physician, before the essence, in the case of pregnancy, high blood pressure, seizures, epilepsy.
• The instructions and information provided are not intended to replace any medical treatment.
• Protocols usage refer to the book “The Cosmic Colour Code” written by Antony Cooper.
• What is reported it is due to knowledge of oriental disciplines and to notions of vibrational medicine.
• Avoid contact with eyes. In the event, immediately rinse thoroughly with warm water.
For external use only.

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